Are we happy? If life as it is now is satisfying would we want to change it in some way? If life is not satisfying to us, how should we change it?

Is the change we may want possible for us to make a change?

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  1. starlette

    Hello LoneRouge………cannot speak for others but I personally never feel quite satisfied, I always think there is something missing, more to be found somewhere, don’t know what………but I guess its no bad thing not to become complacent and accept your lot……. then again maybe that’s the thing to do, but then I would feel that I would be closing my mind to new opportunities and chances…….so maybe, just maybe something will turn up to make me feel more satisfied….there is something in the offing, will just have to wait and see if it materialises……..

  2. Drummer

    Another good Question Rogue – I find that perhaps I don’t seek change, providing I find something challenging to occupy the mind. At the moment I am having great fun working with pre-recorded Orchestral Music tracks that I produced for a major project 40 plus years ago. I always kept hold of them just in case – they feature a full orchestra but have no melodies – My task now is to write the missing melodies and then try to play them on my keyboard. I am neither a music writer or keyboard player
    But I can see my time being fully occupied for many weeks
    and for me , this can only be good. – If and when finished only my wife and myself will get to hear it but I am already enjoying the pleasure of working again!

      1. goldengirl1224

        Me too, LR – wish I had learned to play the piano – my Mum played and at one time we had two pianos in our house – its a great gift to have and be able to share. People say ‘its never too late to learn’ – but I really would not have the patience to go through the ‘formal music teacher routine’.

        1. roseinbloom

          goldengirl. People are right. It isn’t to late to learn something. If you don’t have a piano, you can get a small and inexpensive keyboard and start teaching yourself. You may find that it isn’t for you or you may find great joy and satisfaction so you can sample it and see how you like it. We can just dabble in things, we do not have to be a virtuoso.
          I had to learn the piano for my teaching certificate. I never touched a piano since. It was not for me.

  3. roseinbloom

    Lonerogue, You ask good questions and we should all ask these questions related to issues in our life.
    Big or small, but probably start with the big ones or you may need small changes to prepare for big changes.
    I am the type that makes changes. My hair and clothes gets changed a lot. The foods and recipes get changed also.
    I have also made major life changes due to the fact that I was unhappy with the status quo.
    I try to learn and grow and always have. Sometimes a make changes too quickly and use energy that is needed to maintain other areas, so I am trying to be more judicious about changes.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Youth is a time when we seek new things more eagerly it seems to me. Trying something is the way we learn and to find what you tried is not what it seemed, so what. We only live once and it sounds like you have eagerly tried things. Good for you.

      1. roseinbloom

        Lonerogue, thank you for the validation. I have arrive at my senior years without a bucket list and without pent up frustrations and regrets.
        I could use a hobby or a sport and I may find one and some things may capture my interests, but for now I am fairly content and have enough to do.

        1. LoneRogue Post author

          I have so many hobbies and love them all but find that my enthusiasm wanes and I move on to another one. I have been taking photos since the early 50’s but recently have no interest. Now I’m enthused in hunting knife making and clay sculpture which is new for me and learning anything new is a treat. Like earlier some things I try don’t work out but what the heck. It keeps me occupied finding out that it isn’t for me.

          1. roseinbloom

            It sounds that you are dong very well with your life and leissure. I would suggest one thing, do you activities meet your physical activity requirements or are they too sedentary.
            I hope to really find an active past time. I am short on the aerobic activity and need a more active lifestyle.

          2. LoneRogue Post author

            I feel I am doing well but it is a very personal way of living. Thankfully my family who live 600 miles away are supportive of my reclusiveness (is that a word?). I have 3 acres and keep active maintaining the gravel road and trees and shrubs and my workshop in in a second story garage which I climb the stairs 8 or 10 times a day. I try to play with my dog from time to time and that helps, however, I am 84 and knowing how much activity is right, who knows.

          3. roseinbloom

            lonerogue. You sound like you are happy and having fun, but you also know that change will come or maybe it won’t you will just live happily where you are and never have to make changes that you don’t like.

          4. len1932

            At age 85 I find I still do many things I did before but now have a cane and do not drive, I am in the garden for an hour early morning about 6 AM watering the vegs and picking the 1/2 acre crops to give away. Then I write a weekly newspaper column that goes worldwide to 230 countries. then I still make fishing tackle (47 years) to mail it to stores that order it, then I sleep about 12 hours a day, with morning and afternoon naps, Then spend hours on the Senior Chat talking to wonderful people we have around the world.

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Rogue,

    good question in a good blog which causes trains of thoughts for me. To make
    many possible answers short I’ll try to frame my opinion in one sentence: this world
    we live in is not my world any longer. Means; I don’t have any understanding, even
    no little of it for what is going on in it.

    What can I do about it; I escape whenever I can into my own world so I don’t mind
    of being called ** an outsider **. That status prevents me of getting involved
    with my thoughts in the daily trouble no matter where does it appears and what
    is it about.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Hello vonMichael, much like you I feel outside of world events. I get very angry and have become a hermit as a way of not losing my temper with the many who feel so differently than I. I do believe this Earth is in for a major conflict.

      1. roseinbloom

        Lonerogue, Are you happy being a hermit? I was starting to become a hermit and I just decided to push myself out and find the good and the interesting. Anger energizes, so you need to do something constructive with it or just get away from the problem, whichever works better. There are all kinds of people and all of them won’t make you angry.

        1. LoneRogue Post author

          I have a nice workshop and spend a lot of time playing with my hobbies. You are right that anger needs to have some activity to work it out of us. Getting rid of the tv was a big help. there is so much written and said in the media that seems only to stir trouble.

  5. goldengirl1224

    My thoughts too LR regarding the ‘tinder box climate we are living in at this moment in time—–I don’t think we have every been so close to a major conflict – at least not for the last 70 plus years – and today the prospect is even more bleak with all the posturing/ threats of nuclear attacks and the types of ‘personalities’ out there on the world stage — let’s hope cool heads prevail!….We have such a beautiful world all around us – why destroy it?

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      I’ve had a recurring thought that we as a world have allowed our population to expand too far and we have become as a society too wealthy. There are individuals on all sides of political thinking with massive funds to foment trouble and and needy masses who are being manipulated.

  6. Ms. K.

    We can’t change other people, but we can implement changes in our life’s to make ourselves happy or more comfortable. One change I’m making is keeping my mouth shut – which sounds horrible, but listen. I’m a problem-solver.
    I’m always offering to do something for someone else. Watch the kids, buy them groceries, tidy their messes, etc.
    It’s time for me to stop, and respect their right to become problem-solvers too.
    This is difficult, because I’m impetuous, lol!
    However, I’m making time for myself and my husband, as well as things that we want to do, but haven’t.
    I tell myself that it’s ok to put me -first.
    Oh, gosh, it’s difficult! 🙂

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Well Ms. K, I am doing the opposite by speaking my mind BUT not directly to people in person. The internet and this group allow us to voice our opinions, angrily or pleasantly without direct confrontation. For me I have all these thoughts and it seems to me it is better for my peace of mind to speak out rather than hold it internally and fester. I’m trying hard to stay rational but if I disagree with something I’m trying to respond instead of meekly letting it pass.

    2. Ms. K.

      Lone, like you, sitting by meekly is the other side of my nature. So, speaking up is difficult and I’m trying to speak my mind.
      The problem with being a giver is that people know you’re a gentle soul, and expect you to always cave in.
      And, sometimes, it’s easier to do just that. But, that’s not what I always want to do.

  7. roseinbloom

    M’s K. Do what makes you happy. If you now think helping yourself is more important do that. Just be careful of helping others who don’t need help and don’t appreciate or benefit from the help and you are just getting used. Unselfish people can get used by selfish people. There are plenty of deserving people who need and deserve help and it is a joy to help people like that. A little help can make a huge diffierence, My mother watched 6 children for an aunt of mine whose husband was in the hospital with life threatening miming injuries so the aunt could spend time at the hospital with her husband. and 40 years after my mother’s death, my aunt told me how wonderful my mother was and how grateful she was. My aunt’s children still try to pay us back and help us because of this. At the most terrible time in their life, my mother left her own family and took care of theirs. My dad and we were old enough to fend for ourselves.. Their children were very young. These were good people. My mother was a helper. She was a midwife and she took care of the sick and she helped any way that she could when there was sickness or need. I am glad I am like my mother.

  8. len1932

    People have asked me why I give so much produce, meat, eggs and other things from the farm and not sell them? Also why I buy cars and give then to my kids even at my age of 85? I look at it this way, the Lord has blessed me over and over and supplied my needs. The things I give away I do not need and I want to remembered as a person that shared with others. We cannot take anything with us but we can leave good memories behind in the minds of people we have helped.

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