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 Healthy Steps – Post 9

Ok, well it’s day 25 and I have logged online 707,223 Steps or about 335 miles. Looks like I’m averaging about 28,000 Steps per day. I’ll get a Million Steps in under 45 days ok, but I’ll really need to take it to a whole new level if I want to get a Million Steps […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 7

Just an update… Broke my Day-Step Record of 44,087. I’m depressed because if I had walked a bit more, I would have done a thing. As it is I hit just over 50,000 Steps in a day. Sure and I broke my own Record but nothing else. A couple more thousand Steps and I would […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 6

Well, it’s day 12 of my 1 Million Steps in under 90 days Challenge. I wish to now restate that Challenge to 1 Million Steps in under 45 days, effectively doin’ a Million Steps in half the time I had originally stated. I am now, at day 12, at 347,917 Steps as measured by a […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 5

OK, well…I’m still at it …1 Million Steps in under 90 days. I actually believe I’ll hit the mark in under 60 days. Started May 2nd.. have 271,250 steps or about 11.5 miles per day so far. FYI, I wear 5lbs of ankle wts 5 days out of 7 avg so far. Got to make […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 4

I am envolved with two other Challenges… I do so enjoy a Challenge! Old Man vs Young Man Challenge… most steps in a 30 day period. Myself mano y mano with a young Burmese Lad of mid 20’s.. I half joking said I’d strap weights on my ankles to make it fair for him. But, […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 3

On May 2nd, I undertook a self-Challenge of 1 Million Steps in under 90 days; most days with ankle-weights totaling 5 lbs. Here is how it’s going so far: 5/2 Steps = 31,822 (with weights) about 14.2 mi 5/3 Steps = 37,635 (with weights) about 16.8 mi 5/4 Steps = 10,708 (no weights) about 4.8 […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 2

A good Steppin’ Day today. Logged in over 37,000 steps. A glorious ride home out racing the Storm on Sonya (my Bike). Lightning the whole way ahead of me and a near full moon just over my left shoulder.

 Healthy Steps – Post 1

I’ve decided to let you in on a secret. Walking is good for you. You should try it. I am. For May 2nd, 2012, I walked 31,822 steps or about 14.2 miles. I call it weight-steppin’ because I do this walk with ankle-weights. Come walk with me. My current Goal is to walk one Million […]


STROKE: Remember the 1st Three Letters….. S T. R. STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall – she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) ….she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and […]