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 Seniors and Big Problems

What are the big problems of seniors? Health and money and mortality issues are common to us all. I recently was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and I had to face a new level of vulnerability. I may go on for years and years and I may not. So, same is true for all […]

 National Health Service & The Elderly

It is getting well up my nose that the large cohort of over 70’s is putting a strain on the countries resources. The National Health Service in the UK is supposedly under strain because of the elderly it now has to support.  I hear this many times daily in political debates and arguments and the […]

 A Glimpse into Our World

Yesterday I had a traumatic experience in the ER of a local hospital. I will tell the story briefly and omit graphic details. I went to the ER for a minor medical emergency. The two doctors who attended me were of the opinion that because of my psychiatric diagnoses I must be imagining the problem […]

 diets and Commonsense

Commonsense and eating is an unknown thing to most people in the USA. We are deluged with advertisements and false information and food that is the best “melts in your mouth”. I heard this for years and I thought what melts in your mouth, sugar, fat, and powder; so our food is turned into a […]

 My Name is Laurie

My name is Laurie and I have bipolar disorder. This is a blog I’ve wanted to write for some time but did not have the courage. Why now I wonder. Maybe it’s because I just had another birthday and another year in the shadows after a lifetime with this illness. Some friends here at Senior […]

 Memory deterioration – is it fair?

Hi everyone. I’m finding it quite difficult dealing with the aging process of my folks. They are both 78 this year and before retirement, they were science academics – meaning (in my opinion), they used their brains a lot. I really think that it is not fair that, people with sound brains have to go […]

 Eating Healthy, The Greek Way

I am all excited about my new Greek, Mediterranean way of eating. I hope that I have a pic of a food pyramid that you can see, but if you cannot, google one up for yourself. I have also added the pic to my wall and it can be enlarged. I have been moving toward […]

 Shape and Health

I just climbed back on the exercise and fitness wagon and I know that I am subject to fall off at the slightest bump in the road. If I want to look good and feel good, I know exactly what to do, so I must be stupid to want a better result with no effort. […]

 Liverpool Care Pathway – Update

My mum suffered and died as a direct result of being placed and ill treated on the Liverpool Care pathway . Since positing the details of my complaint to Aintree University Hospital in January this year: I sent the details to baroness Neuberger who included my mums case in the review of the Liverpool Care […]