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In 1950’s Glasgow a man walked into a police station with a sad looking, obviously mistreated dog on a lead in one hand and a blood spattered walking stick in the other. He approached the desk officer and reported a s follows:- I came across some sick (word censored fill in your own best option) […]


My favourite group, Runrig, wrote a song titled “Empty Glens” referring to the lack of people in the Scottish Highlands and islands. I use the title “Empty Room” to refer to the lack of people in the chat rooms on this site. Time was you could turn up in the room at any time day […]

 Fun times

I can remember a time when we had an hour on here every week where the object of a game was to come up with a phrase once we were given a sequence of letters, like “awlptze”. I cannot recall what the game was named. But I remember participating a few times and what I […]


When reading about money erosion in a newspaper column I am old enough to let my mind go back to the days when money was in gold and silver coins. In other words, when money was, worth its weight in gold or silver so to speak and not a theoretical value printed on a piece […]

 USA and Thanksgiving and Real Gratitude

In the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. Celebrating and being thankful is not easy for a lot of us this year, because many people are very sad about the direction our government is headed.I imagine that there have been many years that people had to rev up some spirit and take a second look […]


I was taken possession of by the Terrorist MkII on Christmas Eve 2015. He arrived as a frightened, shivering hairy ball of neuroses, but since then I’ve managed to learn a few things about him. He hates having his head wet, while he couldn’t care less about his body getting wet. He loves cheese and […]

 where have all the children gone

Many years ago there were children playing in the avenue where i live. And of course at Christmas time some would ride up and down the Avenue on their new bikes. As the years went by less and less Children could be seen on the street. Why is this well it would seem that the […]