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Don’t really know what to say, how to word it except to say I am gutted. just discovered by sheer accident that someone I converse with daily has not been being truthful with me, keeping information back, not being as open and honest as I thought, best way I can put it, .not feeling too happy […]

 Differences in national cultures.

Recently it has been suggested that the composition of this site has changed from what was thought of as one particular nationality to a different one.  We do have different forms of government, educations systems, somewhat or radically different religious dominance’s, etc.  In the long run is this a good thing for the world that […]

 Gender – Can more than two work.

Realizing that it is now common for many to feel that each person should be allowed to “choose” their personal preference as to gender.  Can that really work in “ALL” parts of life?  Will it work in sports? Without trying to push any way of thinking it would be interesting to get a wide variety […]

 Mathmatics: Blessing or Bane

 Whether we are verifying our expenses after a shopping trip, checking a bank account or counting the days to somebody’s birthday, we are using mathematics: It is an intellectual tool that enables us to discipline our thoughts in a logical manner, to express them clearly and to reach a useful conclusion: However, it does not […]

 Are Rabbits Rodents?

No, they are not, as many of you may perhaps have thought.  Rabbits, truly speaking are members of the family called ” Leporidae.” Had this question been asked a century ago the reply would have been positive indeed. The zoologists then classified Rabbit and other lagomorphs within the order named  Rodentia ( or rodents), which […]


I can’t seem to let pass acts and comments that appear very bogus, affected or artificial. I’m not talking about the little “white lies” that are used every day to kindly respond to a nice person. I can’t seem to resist openly exposing artifice. It causes disruption, I realize, however it is to me insulting […]


Surely there are among seniors some that still love “Jazz”. It has been such a huge part of my life and surely others at the oldest ages here must remember and perhaps still enjoy jazz? I’m currently really enjoying the work of Michel Petrucciani on piano. If not familiar with Michel, I offer a link […]

 What’s your goal this week?

Assuming you have one… (My goal is that I don’t let myself get so caught up in everything I want to do – that I forget to enjoy what I’m doing!) Of course, life has thrown me a curve ball, so now i’m sick in bed. It’s not really fair. I spent all last week […]

 Old Movies, Starring Who?

Have you ever talked about old movies, and someone younger doesn’t know the famous (albeit) older actor? My son-in-law, a nice guy in his 30’s, has a poster of James Dean on his wall. My daughter loves Audrey Hepburn.  One day, I was gushing about Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night”, and he said, […]