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 Never judge a book by it’s cover……..

Was just replying to Gaels blog about good manners and mentioned my grandson…. ” The Rock God “…………..if we judge people on their appearance he maybe the least likely person who you would think was courteous, polite and had good manners……… but you would be so wrong……..which brings me to the question…… we judge people […]

 Do You Have Good Manners?

Some lament the decline of civility in the southern United States, a region where manners were once considered an important cultural marker. How would you define “good manners”? Do you agree with those who say that civility in general is declining everywhere? Do you think you have good manners yourself?

 Siblings not easy to like

Recently Maize posted something on the Group Thoughts for the day about sisters. It got me thinking about my relationship with my siblings. I am the eldest of three one sister one brother. I have always got on well with my sister but my brother who is the youngest is another matter. Being the baby […]

 What’s your comfort food?

Everyone has some food that speaks to them, conveying security, exultation and fullness of spirit (pun definitely intended). Many giants of gastronomy actually yearn for relatively simple fare when they escape their kitchens and eat out. What is your comfort food? Do you prefer food that’s simple, or elaborate?

 Unknown Grandma

My father was born in 1896, even he didn’t know that when he married my mum. I sent for his birth certificate. It came today. I was so excited when i opened it but, after reading it i felt sad. The reason being. His mother registered the birth and where her signature should be there […]

 Global Family 3

My foster daughter has arrived as she is going to be my working legs and help me look after my grandson whilst his parents attend a wedding that involves them leaving him a few days. Things going well as Lucas totally settled in now.. Not sure if he’s remembered stuff or its the familiarity of […]

 Global Family 2

Well they arrived from the USA. My elder son, his wife and my 2 year old grandson. He was tired and kept saying “Daddy Home” as he has reached the age of understanding he was not at home in any sense of the word. SKYP works for the Global family as to say we have […]

 Global Family

Have anyone else wondered how in our life time we have moved from living in a society where your nuclear family was all easily accessible with family just down the road, to one were we now often need to get on a bus or a train or even, hop on a plane. I grew up […]


A friend shared this article with me and I want to share it with you. Why do I have a variety of friends who are all different in character ? Some of them can be considered marginal even ? How do I get on with them all ? I think that each one helps to […]