Can Somebody Please help?

I often write Blogs on the thoughts passing my aged brain - usually they are rather light and somewhat insignificant - rather I tend to satisfy myself by reading the now numerous items appearing - and what a joy it is to see that we have so many members indulging this wonderful pastime which gives so much pleasure and of late it has to be said that the quality of writing has gone through the roof(so to speak).

Of late there have been a number that are deserving of maybe a wider audience - and by this means maybe attract more people to the world of Chatters - it is with this in mind that I have to ask what purpose is the  insignia of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. at the bottom of the page we submit our blogs on. I am sure most people are aware of the answer but have to admit that I am not one of these - can somebody please help?

I have been giving thought to various possible topics and wonder why we don't ask

What Was the Happiest day of your life?

Just thinking!


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38 thoughts on “Can Somebody Please help?

  1. Faye

    If I remember rightly these Blogs go on to Google hence the necessity to make them our own work and not copy and pastes of someone elses. So they will be getting a wider audience than just on S/C. Someone will correct me if I have got that wrong.

        1. starlette

          Now Starlettes turn to put the thinking cap on and dredge back into the sewers of my mind… many fruity answers have I given to my slightly risqué blogs !!…….but you joined in too cappy…lol

    1. Drummer Post author

      Thanks Faye – I thought that might be then position;
      Hope all is well with you.
      Kind regards

      PS Oh How I hate all the adverts now appearing on Screen – It cheapens the site image very badly.

  2. waylander

    Once it’s on the “net” it’s out there forever for anyone to find, so I always work on the following basis:-
    “Never type or say anything online that you would not be happy seeing as a newspaper headline the next day”

  3. ladyIsabelle

    Yes, we all need to be aware that anything we write is visible to all and sundry, not just to members of this site. Unless you’re happy to share your life with the rest of the world, it might be wise not to reveal your identity.

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,

    I had to face that problem quite a while ago too but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

    I checked it out later and found block answer of different member on facebook inclusive mine.
    Today another fact is even more frustrating to me; German ads on each page I call up. I don’t want to bet on football or buy any stuff from Metro e.g.

    On the left side of this page you’ll find shares which should be watched all the time one is on SC. Kind regards Michael.

  5. Drummer Post author

    Hello Michael Nice to hear from you again as others have already said I guess we must be aware what we put in print for others can often read it. Like you I have a Facebook account and get sick of all the advertising sometimes of products that I find offensive -but it is nice to be able to maintain contacts with friends from all over the world – like yourself – if you are interested
    a private message containing contact details is all that is required.
    Have a nice day,
    Kind regards Drummer

  6. Drummer Post author

    Hi Suzan – yes it has – the last few blogs have adverts inserted in them – and all blogs now have to be approved by Management before publishing – both of these actions have been taken without reference to the writers.,
    Have a nice day

    1. Faye

      Drummer I think the ‘Submit a Review’ might be just part of this application as none of the Admins or Mons have been asked to review any Blogs and we are the ones that are here all the time and probably would be the first to see them. Most seem to be going through without review. As for the ads…I dont think there are any more than there has ever been although each person may be different. Maybe they have managed to sneak in through a back door and it is something Rob is not aware of….it has happened once before. To technical for me to know why it even happened then…:-)

  7. Drummer Post author

    Hello Faye
    Thanks for your input – but I do have to say that it is happening – and happening now! If you look at my most recent blog you will notice that it has been split into (I think)
    three parts with two Commercials in between the written word – he has just written to me again and says he is just trying things out ands is approving Blogs prior to posting.
    I bet there is an advert on this response to you?

  8. 5mintbreak

    I would like further clarification on this matter, who sees our blogs? I am quite happy for anyone to see any comments I have made, the part I am not clear on is under what circumstances the share icons, facebook, twitter, in, pin, and google would access our blogs? I gather we can choose to share to those sites if we wish but does someone on one of those sites at random call up SC and then get access? If this is the case then it is open to all ages? Is it only the blog section that can be accessed? Can someone from management enlighten us please?

    1. Faye

      Mint the share action is as it says. It doesnt access us. If we see something in Blogs that we think may interest friends or family we click on the icon required and we can share to those websites.

    2. Drummer Post author

      Hi again This I feel is the most offensive part of my gripe – the adds seem to be just stuck anywhere -no thought of putting them at the bottom and by this means not corrupt what was written or how it should be read…
      We’ll see what happens –

    3. Drummer Post author

      Hello 5 min…,. No I don’t think you have any problems about anybody else accessing your work, but YOUY HAVE THE OPTION of sharing it to Facebook or whoever you wish –
      Nobody else can access your work.
      I do hope this helps, but if you wish to contact Rob direct – please do! My only gripe is why they have started putting adverts in the middle of a blog thus breaking up the flow of the writing.
      Kind regards Drummer

  9. Drummer Post author

    Sorry Scorpio- but I cannot explain why this would be the case – I can assure you that many of us did over 2-3 days – Rob said that he was experimenting and it would seem that he has given the project away – could it be that maybe there were 1or 2 days when you did not access the blog site? For the commercials do seem to have disappeared as suddenly as they appeared and although nothing further has been said by Rob, I am hopeful they won’t appear again – at least not in the old form where they were in heavy text and you could have as many as 2 or 3 Adverts the middle of a blog.
    Hope this explains. Kind regards Drummer

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