A Blog a Day Keeps the Blues Away

I have a confession - I am hooked on Blogs - nothing gives me more pleasure than opening up Chatters and seeing that I have received a Blog - or maybe somebody has written a blog that is of interest  to we Bloggers.

Have you ever thought just how much pleasure is derived from receiving a Blog? Or better still the fact that you have written a blog yourself and there is sits on the screen and you wait with interest to see who or how many  respond to you effort.

The subject of the blog can be absolutely anything that causes you concern or interest, it may be that you have something to share or something that is concerning you - heaven only knows that there is much in the world today to cause interest or concern.

Are you lonely - a blog may well help keep your mind going when all you really want to do is go to sleep.  Believe me when I say that nothing gives me more pleasure when I first open up than the notification that you have blogs to read, - that could be you!

How about it those of you that have not blogged for some time or even those who have never blogged before - do write - we would love to hear from you,


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21 thoughts on “A Blog a Day Keeps the Blues Away

  1. davidrv

    I agree with you Drummer, a blog is underrated. Sure, we can go into special groups and post, but we do not reach to the entire membership. A blog on the other hand is what you first see when you log in. (Upon scrolling down a bit).
    Reading the replies is just as interesting.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi David Great to hear from you – I feel highly chuffed this morning to find that my blog has already brought so many replies – it is so simple for everybody to enter in to a conversation as I have said before, my first job when I switch my computer on is to see who may have sent a blog. Long may it continue -and continue to spread amongst we bloggers.
      Kind regards from New Zealand Blogger

  2. sirpercivalblakeney

    You have inspired me Drummer to get involved. Loneliness can be big problem as you get older but it’s generally not thought about until it happens, creeps up on you. Anyway, looking out of the window onto a sundrenched garden, certainly LOOKS like spring,….ah, vision of things not so far away ? well, after bit more frost n snow probably. Friend of mine has one of those smiley kits Drummer….. two short pieces of elastic, with hook at each end of each length; fitted in place around ears and corners of mouth really work well to produce similar effect to your natural happy face. Wait though…. I think I’m actually smiling because the sun is out, don’t need the kit after all!! Good eh? Have a nice day everyone.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Sir Percival
      What a pleasant surprise – I don’t recall talking to you before so your reply is doubly welcome – you are so right when you say that loneliness is a major problem,
      but I firmly believe that CHATTERS Blogs are a good way to make contract and realize that there are an awful lot of we older folk – and just a few lines from somewhere far away(I am in New Zealand) can do a lot to brighten the day of both sender and recipient.
      So don’t be a stranger!
      Kind regards Drummer

  3. janey

    I have started reading blogs, and enjoy them, and am always glad when I get an email notification that a new one has been posted.
    I haven’t written one yet, but may get round to it soon. I have thought of one that might be of interest, but not being the most articulate person, I’m finding it difficult to write, as it’s a bit of a serious one.
    Luckily I one who doesn’t really get lonely, or not very often.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Janey
      Thanks for your reply – I’ve had a good morning today – 6 replies already. Please don’t be put off from writing something – it really is fun and most rewarding when you see the replies come.
      Have a nice day Kind regards Drummer

  4. starlette

    I love the blog page…….. I enjoy reading and writing them, and the comments give an insight into SC members………sometimes anyway……..don’t be afraid to write one Janey, you really don’t have to be articulate, there is no one on here who will be scrutinising and picking you up on your grammar, if its serious and you are looking for advice you are sure to find it here, and if not it might help just writing stuff down….

    1. anne11

      Yes I agree. Blogs must help you not feel so lonely or maybe things about your past (you can discuss) which I have definitely messed up and at age 70 feel I haven’t much chance of putting things right ! I am lucky enough to live near my daughters and one of them has two children (my Grandchildren) whom I adore and look after a lot. Exhausting though it is.

      1. Drummer Post author

        Hi Anne So nice to hear from you – a blog response received is something I always enjoy as it makes us all that little bit closer. No need to be a writer – just drop a note any time you’ll always find a response – in this case from New Zealand – Have a nice day and do keep in touch with the rest of we Bloggers.
        Kind regards and have a nice day Drummer

    2. Drummer Post author

      Hello Starlette
      I knew I could depend on you for a response and more to the point, encouragement for other “would be” bloggers – Where else can you get to chat with somebody thousands of miles away ? and it is fun too!
      From New Zealand best wishes Drummer

  5. grandmaj

    Thank you for the blogs you write Drummer. There used to be a lot of blogs to read, and it has died down. I am not a blogger myself but love reading them. Thank you and hopefully you have encouraged a few more chatters to blog. Thanks again and thank you to anyone else that write blogs on this site.

  6. Drummer Post author

    Hello Grandmaj

    Thank you so much for your response to my latest
    Blog – it so encouraging to know that you enjoy the efforts of we bloggers – it does, I can assure you make our efforts so worthwhile.
    Have a nice day, Kindest regards Drummer

  7. idigdirt

    Blogging is something I’ve recently dipped my toe into. I’ve always liked to write. I just never wrote anything that anyone else ever read. It is cathartic for me in the topics I’ve chosen so far. And like you if it touched someone else in some way it makes my day.

    So as I contemplate what my next blog will be about I will take the plunge again.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Idigdirt, It was so nice to receive your response to my Blog this morning – haven’t heard much from you lately – Do please as you put it “Take the Plunge Again!” I have always read your blogs with interest, and look forward to seeing more of them in the future.
      Do please stay in touch.
      Kind wishes from ew Zealand Drummer

  8. Drummer Post author

    Hi Seashell – may I say welcome to the bloggers. There really is not set way of setting about it – just right your thoughts of the day, or something that takes your mind, maybe something has happened which interests you – what are your interests – see what other people are doing – maybe reply to them as you have to me, or maybe tell of something you have experienced- recently or in the past – and as suggested in the reply from Rob – take a look at the video he talks of . There really are endless things you can blog about – things about your present or past life
    …I could go on..If you feel I can help in anyway further
    do feel free to drop me a line -at any time! You have taken the first and hardest step. see the Number at the top right of your opening page telling you how many replies you have – when you have read the reply, simply click the reply button under the message, type your reply and press the post comment. I shall look forward to seeing your First one. Kindest regards
    and best wishes from New Zealand Drummer

  9. 5mintbreak

    Good morning Drummer, must say I enjoy reading the blogs! a lot of interesting topics some of which I respond to others just read. Have always enjoyed joining in and voicing my opinion which others sometimes agree or as we say agree to disagree!

  10. Drummer Post author

    Hi 5mint break – It was so nice to hear from you and to know you join in as you feel the need with Blogs – it is always nice to know that people are reading and feel able to respond when they wish to do so.
    Have a nice day. Kindest regards from Drummer

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