Beware of Facebook

After my usual look at Chatters – I usually move to my Facebook account through which I am able to maintain close contact with my family and friends around the world. I am aware that many folk are reluctant to use the facilities offered – but have to say that over the past 5 years I have had considerable pleasure and located many friends that I have not seen personally for something over 45 years.

HOWEVER I regret that today I have seen two entries and photographs which would cause distress to many who saw them. First there was the photograph-(presumnably carefully concocted with Photoshop) showing what was said to be the North Korean Airforce planes(some 40-50 of them) who reportedly were preparing to attack the approaching USA fleet – and indeed supposedly prepared to go much further afield.

The second item was an article stating that China had sent some 30,000 troops to boost the North Korean Army should they be invaded. Both of these articles were removed from Facebook in very short time.

One wonders how anybody with an ounce of respect for others could induldge in such fantasies, for there is little doubt that this world of ours is probably closer to WW3 than at any time previously.

Am I being over sensative – or are things in this world of ours truly presently finely balanced – Finally may I say that I shall continue to use  Facebook, but urge caution before accepting that just because photographs are shown in support of a story – (they can easily be forged) don’t always take them as fact.

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21 thoughts on “Beware of Facebook

  1. Lady Muck

    I do think there should be more censorship on Facebook, but with so many members I suppose it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

    I too, use it mainly to keep in touch with family members who are scattered across the globe. I wouldn’t bother with it otherwise, it’s too intrusive, and I object to my name being passed on to all and sundry.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Morning your ladyship! I think you use face book rather as I do – it really is great to maintain friendships with those who we may never be able to see again – but otherwise it is viewer beware! Have a nice day –
      Your Servant Maam-Drummer

  2. waylander

    Some years ago I had the misfortune to get involved with Facebook and had the devil’s own job making them delete my account rather than, as they wanted to do, suspend the account.

    As to fake stories, well people are just following the lead of their governments.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Morning Waylander – nice to hear from you again – Yes I have had the odd problem with Facebook and ended up with two accounts – one is suspended because I couldn’t remember my password- they asked where my mother was borne by way of confirmation – so I told them (after all I was there!) but No – wrong answer. So that account remains dormant and I am running a separate one now which seems ok – It is a nice way of keeping touch with friends around the world so it suits me. Kinds regards Drummer

  3. Faye

    Drummer ….a lot of what you see is just Spam and only fit to be ignored. It is good for keeping in touch with friends a family from all over the Globe but it doesnt pay to take any of it too seriously. Just do your own thing and ignore everything else….:-)

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Faye – Nice to hear from you again – you are quite right about Facebook- but I do enjoy chatting with friends back home for I am most unlikely to see them again.
      Hope you are well down there!
      Kind regards Drummer

      1. Faye

        Capp…Im just doing my own thing there. Would get shot down if I did it here…hahaha. Plus where else could I get rid of all the cr**p i have saved in strange places on my computer.

    2. cappuccino

      You mean.. You mean ,Faye,, I should not take your words of wisdom and pithy comments ,too seriously ?…How will I get on now ?..My role model (and her tweety bird), have feet of clay….Ooooooh, I,m going to take 2 aspirin,a cuppa tea, and lie down…………………….

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Roeinbloom – nice to hear from you again. You are quite right in what you say – but I thought it worth a Blog ifg only to get other people involved again – there have been so few of late.
      Hoper you are well, Kind regards Drummer

      1. roseinbloom

        Drummer, I like all your blogs and I answered abruptly because I was interrupted. I thought your blog may discourage people about using Facebook and I think it is good for all seniors to stay as connected as possible and being on Facebook is a link to family and friends and the world. All posts on Facebook could be false, distorted or true or valid, but it all is what people are saying and passing for the truth. In real life the same thing is true though. Keep doing your blogs, Drummer. Everybody’s opinion is important and matters. Regard to you.

        1. Drummer Post author

          Hello again Roseinbloom
          I think was trying to say two things really – one being the obvious, for there are folk who are easily worried by things that are said – the other not being alarmist, but it does worry me when reading threats often by people who should know better – I like many of us went through WW2 and certainly don’t want to see a third!
          Best wishes Drummer

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello sugrnspice One consolation about Chatters is that
      we are able to discuss such as the possibility of WW3 – for many people I suspect it is the only way they are able to share their concerns. Just keep on keeping on!
      Kind regards Drummer

  4. Lady Muck

    Sorry to be a pessimist, but the world’s population is at an all-time high. Isn’t this always the case in the run up to a major disaster, such as a war or a global epidemic?

    1. Drummer Post author

      Good Morning Mylady I fear you are right – I don’t like the prospect though – there already enough epidemics to sink us! Still, onward ever onward. I don’t regard you as a pessimist, but a realist, Your servant maam Drummere

  5. janey

    That’s very true Lady Muck.
    I gave up my Facebook account last year. I get to hear about wider family through other members of my family who I am close to, so felt I really had no reason to keep it going. I too had quite a difficult time deleting my account, but got there in the end.

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