Be Aware – Very Aware

Does this title worry you? I hope not but never-the-less I urge you to read 0n. Like most Chatters I consider myself reasonably aware of possible pitfalls on the Internet. However the fact is that twice in the past week I very nearly fell into the traps that we are all advised frequently to avoid - or at the very least exercise great care.

The first instance was with my credit card on which I noted a $15 charge (which I subsequently found had been set up as a monthly charge to a book club I have never heard of - In fact I cannot even read books. I did trace the email addresses for the club and immediately queried what I was supposed to have ordered on four emails, but these were never replied to. After discussion with my bank it was decided to pay the $15 and also to my change my Credit card - Having done this I finally heard from the said book club asking why I hadn't paid my next monthly fee - I did not reply.

During the same week I received an email advising me that I owed $45,000 and had added two attachments which presumably were to show how my bill had be acquired.   They were called  Proof of Purchase - it was tempting to open said attachments as I was very concerned (as you would be) but somehow I resisted the temptation for a bell rang in my head, that this could only be a fraudulent mail, which my email supplier advised would almost certainly have given the sender access and possibly control of my Computer and they would almost certainly have demanded money to get my computer access back again.

Scary business this, so I promptly closed my email address and now have a new one and I assure you that I shall be much more careful how I access the net in future, for I can assure you I am now Aware - Very Aware


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16 thoughts on “Be Aware – Very Aware

  1. colinberry1

    Thanks Drummer, for your very good advice, I cannot afford to be in that situation I just about cope with what I’m doing, let alone to go running around to sort that problem out, having to bring someone in to care for my wife, needing someone to accompany me to the bank, is just would be a nightmare.

  2. roxyanne

    yes internet can be a scary thing but we have to make sure we have all the security we can on it how did the bank pay on something which you did not authorize as they should not be paying direct debit without your permission and how did that company get your bank details seems as if they had been used online for something as only way i can see how your bank detail can be found but akway have you setting to private then it helps

  3. Lady Muck

    I take it you have on-line banking, Drummer? The credit card companies say they monitor our accounts and report any unusual activity. When someone got my card details and booked an expensive holiday, the company phoned me to ask if I had authorised it.

  4. Drummer Post author

    Good Morning Mlady Yes, I do have online banking and yes the bank do say they watch online, but I don’t think they are too active. I had discovered that a number of odd people had accessed my Email account so felt that a new address would put a stop to this happening again – never the less I am pleased to say that all is now well and I now have no unsolicited email at all – may it stay that way.
    Kind regards Maam – Drummer

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