I am having to rely on writing prompts today because I truly believe that every day is a new beginning; yet , right now my days are running together as the pain of loss becomes such an everyday occurrence, if not to me personally—but just as real to me when it happens to others. I feel quite sure there is a hallmark card out there somewhere with the sentiment of a new beginning written in a loose, cursive script upon stiff paper with flowers and glitter, created to lift someone’s spirit after a tremendous loss and the pain that follows. These cards are generally signed with a scripture because scriptures are the band-aids designed to heal the pain of the spirit.

A hallmark sentiment was not my prompt. My prompt was, ‘what movie was your favorite and why?’ Some of you know because I have made asking one’s favorite movie as part of my small talk in meeting and greeting newbies here on senior chatters. Perhaps these two things, hallmark sentiments and my favorite movie, will merge as one theme as I continue writing, or perhaps not, that is fine, because my blog is designed for my healing, and if you understand then perhaps you’ll forgive me if I don’t make a connection.

As I have said over and over, my favorite all time movie is, Robin Williams in, ‘The Fisher King.’ I am not sure if the producer of this awesome movie would appreciate my concept of this movie, but I have a writing prompt, so here goes.

General view: a radio disc jockey was seeking a larger fan base and belittled an admiring follower that ended tragically. The disc jockey ends up battling a tremendous guilt due to the power of his careless words. And so, the disc jockey’s journey begins. Where he runs into more pain and hurt as a drunk in the dark lonely streets of a recycled homeless community.

In the movie, a couple of young punks was going around to the dark allies where the homeless hung out and they were setting the homeless people on fire for their entertainment, or as the teens claimed, “cleaning the streets of scum.” The drunk disc jockey, feeling sorry for himself, passed out in one of these homeless areas only to wake as these teens were attempting to set him on fire.

The disc jockey was discovering a whole new world that existed outside his uptown, famous door, a world filled with as much pain as he was trying to overcome within himself. One of the homeless men was under the delusion that he was a knight coming to the rescue of the disc jockey. The delusional, homeless knight was armed with a stick representing a sword and an aluminum trash can lid for a shield. The homeless knight, stood bravely between the disc jockey and the teens, as a wild and crazy schizophrenic with a warm caring heart.

That is my quick summation of this movie and why I like it so well:

the movie replicates a journey of self-healing, and a quest that is not so pretty and very misunderstood. To search deep within one’s self is to find the power within the spirit to endure and overcome tremendous pain and anger as the outward appearance is very awkward, sad, or just downright mean. I have discovered not only in myself, but seeing so many other individual struggles that society finds it so easy to label these struggles as weird or crazy. These struggles are spiritual and deep, but as a society we only see through a filter of preconceived judgments. I also have discovered there are no supermen or powerful individuals, there are those that overcome and ascend beyond the world’s preconceived expectations and judgments, and still they weep.

Here is the bible scripture, John 11:35, Jesus wept.



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  1. Mary , So enjoy reading you blog and saw Robin Williams in person out in Cuppertino , CA. once and loved his movie’s but have not see the one you just referred to and will have to watch it . I have a lot of movies that I love and probally a musical would be my pick like Oklahoma, The King & I , and any movie that had dancing and singing in it were my favorite. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire come to mind. Love them and the other night I watched LA LA Land and that was really a good movie. Well keep writing your blogs as I enjoy reading them so much.

  2. Thank you 1099 for your blog. I too love good movies that inspire reflection. Sadly not all take the time to see beyond the 2D picture. Time and time again I have sat amongst movie watchers and observe emotional reactions, tear, laughter, smiles, and also in some cases anger, pain, and fear. But ultimately the show ends and the lights come up then it’s back to the task of living. After leaving the dark theater all thoughts seem to vanish. But for some, there was a message, a lesson given.

    1. Night,

      You get it! You see the lessons, you see the meaning behind the words. You Get It! You really get it words have no meaning, unless we learn to look behind the veil.

  3. Hi 1099. never heard of the film but it sounds very powerful……we give ourselves a hard time sometimes, especially the more empathetic amongst us….bad characteristic judging people but we do….mainly on their appearance……sometimes it takes the gutter level to really look inside ourselves……we all have insecurities and very often the hard shelled people have the most…….a couple of sayings……There but for the grace of God……And walk a mile in my shoes…..who can possible know what another person is going through…..we can listen…. but do we really understand unless we have been there…….must look the film up….. not a film buff…..but an insightful one with a message is always worth a look….

    1. I agree with you, Star. The advantage we older people have is our having walked those miles, and having seen many things. Yes, we can listen. But just listening is sometimes not enough.

      1. Us older people…how very dare…I am just here as the blog monitor…hee hee……I quite agree nightflyer…if listening was enough then many people would not have taken their own lives….we can never get in someone’s mind…….and as much as we may try and pass on our lessons in life to our kids its never going to happen……..we cannot shape someone’s future from our past…

    2. Oh I hope you do Starlette…I could peal the deeper layers on this film like an onion. Thanks for reading and responding on this blog.

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