Back to school!

I love back to school! Why? Because the neighborhood gets quieter! Lol. My grandson asks me to buy him the "coolest" back pack for school, and I'll drop healthy snacks at their apartment for fun.

Also, I love fall, with it's lovely colors, and cooler temperatures. We always have an Indian summer, hot, but not as humid. That's actually when I like to go to the beach. By the end of October, it's always cooler, and I can dig out my wonderful woolies and go for long walks. 

Does anyone else like back-to- school time?

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  1. rose1943

    Ms. K., I’m right there with you, 100 percent…, that is. I don’t have to go BACK TO SCHOOL!
    Loved it when my 3 children donned their uniforms and went back. Love them dearly but the peace and quiet was beautiful for a few hours.
    Now truly love it. I live right across the street from a park with swings, slides, babies with nannies on their phones, toddlers, and right now the school age children. Now they vocalise fun by screaming at the top of their lungs instead of laughing.
    Ahhhh, the Fall. So beautiful…the colors, the smell of the fresh cool air. Putting all the Halloween decorations and Fall colors around on the inside and outside. All is well then.
    I go one step further loving the winter! The snow and colder air and NO MIRE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME! My cup of tea.
    Soon the children will be going. My daughter teaches elementary at CPS….is she happy? Not so much!
    Glad to see this blog. I don’t feel alone. ?