Back to Normal

At last ‘order ‘ has been restored back into my life , for  this Friday the Bin Men came.

Yes, I am overjoyed that things are back to normal. This Friday just gone it was the normal waste wheelie bin and the recycle wheelie bin , not forgetting the glass crate as well.  Next Friday will be just the waste  wheelie.  Once both refuse trucks had been round I wheeled ours and our neighbours wheelie bins back to our houses. Today, has been a good day because I’m now running on knowing when Friday’s are. 

As for all the other days , it doesn’t  really matter knowing when they are.

Until the next time the bin collection day changes , whenever that will be I am one really Happy Doc 1  

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  1. Doc the lockdown is getting to ya mate! Next Friday why not meet them and share a pint with the lads. I have done this myself and made some good friends. Now I do not have to go out in the freezing cold and wheel the empties back…

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