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 Near Miss Has Anyone Had One?

Some time ago I had a near miss: I had to move a really heavy steel container 6foot tall and 3foot wide as I tried to move it It slipped and toppled over on top of me slowly pushing onto the floor.  I found myself trapped under it, my legs had got crossed somehow during this […]

 Too Nice.

Too Nice.  The worst, worst thing I just can’t stand. Sorry Ladies but this is mostly about You, mostly. When driving around which I try to keep to a minimum. On occasions, There is only enough room for one car to drive through at a time. So I will stop and flash to advise the other […]

 What’s In Store

It has been said recently the First Person who will live a thousand years has already been born, Meaning we are on the brink of discovering ways to enable us to extend our lives for some considerable time, I believe this drug or procedure will eventually be restricted and probably only available for the wealthy […]