Old time sayings

I was thinking the other night of old sayings. One that I think is wrong is, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” I think surface wounds heal but cruel words stick often to resurface through life. “You made your bed you got to lie in it” I think […]

my parents

Last year in march after a long time of being unwell me and my 2 sisters and my brother lost my mum , my dad had been her carer. they were both 79 and had been childhood sweethearts since the age of 12 after her death we discovered that my dad had been suffering 3 […]


I have never written a blog before – but i feel i must write a tribute to my lovely friend James. When my lovely mum died last year followed by my dad 9 weeks later of a broken heart I told James that he could look after my heart as he was the only other […]