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 I Am a Believer Are You?

Some people say that they are very much in tune with the spirit world or other side as some call it. ¬†Are there really Ghosts amongst us? ¬†People who died a long time ago but for what ever reasons have not crossed over ? There are Angels amongst us too and there are bad spirits. […]

 Gambling Addiction & Temptation

I wonder how many members on this site are addicted to Gambling? Tonight I will spend several hours and maybe if things go against me several hundred pounds playing the odds. Black jack is my game. In one 3 hour session i made about four thousand pounds; that was a good night, however I have […]

 Are they just a way of making money?

There are many online dating agency’s in many countries.The question is do they actually work or are they nothing more than money making machines. I am fortunate to have known many people and some have tried them and no one found that special person. Are there any members on here who can honestly say that […]

 where have all the children gone

Many years ago there were children playing in the avenue where i live. And of course at Christmas time some would ride up and down the Avenue on their new bikes. As the years went by less and less Children could be seen on the street. Why is this well it would seem that the […]