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 Each day is such a blessing

Wow, went for my morning walk with my little dog, it gives me such opportunity to Praise and Thank God for HIS never ending love for me. There were times in my life that I certainly did not listen and was rebellious to HIS word and I can look back on my life now and […]

 Purpose for relationships in our lives

Something God reminded me of again on my walk just now when at times I have tried to take back the control of my life. We are all born and put on this earth to fulfill HIS purpose not ours and if in doing so He brings those special people into our lives, family and […]

 Difficult transition

I have had a very difficult transition from working 50-60 hours a week in a career I truly loved and did not realize how much it had become my identity. I never thought having counseled others over the years going through retirement transition that I would have a hard time, but boy was I wrong. […]

 End of another year

Well, 2013 is soon going to come to an end, and while not everything I prayed for have I gotten, and some things I got I didn’t pray for LOL. But I am blessed today to have good health, though sadly over the past few months I have gained 10lbs, that beginning Jan. 2nd will […]

 Have to rescind

This is Rose24, I stopped my membership as life just became so busy I did not have time for much else. Now things are settled a bit, but I will soon be busy again during tax season. However, I posted a blog before I left regarding my thoughts about if two people fell in love […]