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 Mathematics: Bane or Blessing

First. Thank you all who have expressed an interest in my blog. Before reading you, I felt quite alone with my fad but now I feel comforted. Thank you again. I thought a project with a domestic slant that I am working on might be of interest: It will enable me to predict the cost […]

 Mathmatics: Blessing or Bane

 Whether we are verifying our expenses after a shopping trip, checking a bank account or counting the days to somebody’s birthday, we are using mathematics: It is an intellectual tool that enables us to discipline our thoughts in a logical manner, to express them clearly and to reach a useful conclusion: However, it does not […]


Put rather bluntly, we all have a reptile brain, called the hypothalamus, that controls the hormones of our endocrine system: This brain is about the size of a walnut and It has been programmed by millions of years of evolution to ensure the survival of the species: It keeps us alive when in a coma […]

 My Old Age Pass-Time

Some time ago I posted a blog about my Old Age pastime of designing a mathematical model of human behavior. Probably because mathematics is not everybody’s cup of tea it did not arouse much interest so I offer this, more intimate version: All animals, including humans, possess a nut sized brain but what distinguishes us […]


When reading about money erosion in a newspaper column I am old enough to let my mind go back to the days when money was in gold and silver coins. In other words, when money was, worth its weight in gold or silver so to speak and not a theoretical value printed on a piece […]

 From the Heart

Thank you Von Michael and the many others of you who have taken the trouble to reply to my blog From the Hypothalamus.. I should have mentioned that the object of the model is not to predict but the inverse; to find a way to describe/codify a particular behavior in terms of the relative influence […]

 From the hypothalamus

I have read with interest the various blogs on the subject of what one should do when retired and wonder if my experience might be of interest. I advanced the date of my retirement because my wife was dying of cortisone poisoning (thought to be a miracle cure at that time) and I wanted to […]

 Tech Changes

Dear Roseinbloom, You are not alone: As an introduction let me say that I have used a computer since the days when one occupied a large room, heated up a block of offices and had a few hundred bytes of memory made up of ferrite cores. At first there were great improvements: punched cards and […]

 The Vegetarian

After a few too many visits to the “Pleasure Parlour” A chap called Craig notices green lumps on his person. So off he goes to the doctor. The doctor explains “You know how wrestlers and rugby union players get cauliflower ears?” “Yes” says Craig, nodding seriously. “Well” says the doctor, “You’ve got Brothel Sprouts.”


>>> Here’s a puzzle that has confounded even the brightest among us. >>> You are on a Horse, galloping at a constant speed. >>> On your right side is a sharp drop off. >>> And on your left side is an Elephant traveling at the same speed as you. >>> Directly in front of you […]