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About Rob

Hi my name is Rob and I'm the founder of Senior Chatters. I'm still an active member and always around the site somewhere. If you need any help or assistance please get in touch using the 'Contact Us' form at the foot of any page.

 If I Had My Life to Live Over Again

Live Live Again

In today’s world everything is done at lightening speed.  We spend so much time working and trying to provide for our families that sometimes the really important stuff gets lost along the way.  It’s not often we fully allow ourselves to pause and actually live in the moment let alone reflect on life.  All too […]

 Coping with Loneliness and Isolation in Later Life

lonely man with head in hand

Coping with loneliness and isolation is certainly possible, nobody needs to suffer alone, but loneliness does affect people differently and will require a change in mindset that some people will find easier than others. Loneliness and isolation can happen to anyone and strike at any time for an infinite number of reasons.  It’s not related to any […]

 Community Room Changes

Hi Chatters, Just a quick note.  Much has been said about the new chat engine. Some of you hate it, some of you like it and some of you just don’t care.  This makes it really difficult to second guess what the majority of people would like to see.  So I’m going on the general […]

 Please Read…

Hi Chatters, This might be a long post, so bear with me please. I’m just going to say what I feel so forgive me if I jump about a bit. So here goes… I want to explain why I took the decision to replace the old chat room. I realise that some of you are […]

 New – Group Calendar Feature

Hi Chatters, I recently added a new Group Calendar feature to the site so that Group Admins can now schedule events for their Group throughout the site. Here’s how it works… Go to your Group and located down the left hand side you’ll see a new ‘Calender’ link, click on it to get started. Now […]

 Latest Site Update – What You Need to Know…

Ok, so the last few days have been pretty busy on the site, with a few changes that I want to tell you all about. Firstly, the Party Room has been retired. It wasn’t used very often and because it was stand-a-lone from the other chat rooms it consumed resources that I felt could be […]

 The New SC Logo…

Hi Chatters, you can take a look and vote on the shortlisted designs for the new logo. I hope you like them. Click Here to See The Designs and Vote I’d like to explain why the change and my reasoning’s for doing so. Firstly, the existing logo is something that I put together very quickly. […]

 Write A New Tagline…

Hi Chatters, The design contest for the new SC logo is reaching the end; just a few hours to go. We have had an incredible response, with over 102 entries from 22 graphic designers from all over the world. I have to be honest though, out all the entries I do have a favourite. I’ll […]

 Love SC – Then Please Let Me Know

Hi Chatters,  another request… I seem to be doing that a lot recently – sorry 🙂 Anyway, I thought it would be great to create a testimonials page on the login homepage.  What do you think?  This new page would be added to the menu bar with some new testimonials from all you lovely, lovely […]

 New Menu, New Pages, Need Help

Hi Chatters, You will have noticed that when you are not-logged into Senior Chatters that the main menu on the homepage, the one at the top is very sparse at the minute, with only a Login button.  Yet, when you login to SC the main menu changes to what you are more commonly used to. […]