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 Emotional Constipation

I must warn you that this blog is likely not worth the read, but i am writing it in any case as doing so seems to be what i need do now, meaning that i am writing this for me, rather than in the expectation that it will offer any new insight to anyone, just […]

 Life is made of unwanted turns

I was speaking with a friend recently, who had sadly lost their spouse due to a most cruel disease, this happening at a relatively young age. My friend decided then that the rest of life would be one of solitude, as no one could replace the spouse. With this i do agree, but must disagree […]

 July 4th

I shall try to be brief here, as not many words are allowed, but all of those words will be in praise of the U.S.A, this, and everyday. As a Canadian, i feel a certain kinship with the U.S, as we are each other’s largest trading partners, share the longest undefended border in the world, […]