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 Today would have been Eddy’s birthday…

My birthday memoriam to my best friend Eddy….May 31st 1954 – May 11th 2013 … To those that don’t know..Eddy was an active member on this site for many years.. Eddy Brook, my best friend, my soul mate and my rock, died on 11th May 2013. he didn’t warn me what it would be like […]

 Sorry state of the nation….

There are many thousands of ordinary people living in Britain who are very concerned at what is happening to our once great country..I am fed up of preaching politicians who are continually making promises about our future in Europe, securing our borders from illegal immigrants, and making our society fairer for all.. I’m fed up […]

 One little change for better…..

January, the time of year when we make lots of great resolutions to better ourselves in the year ahead, but generally forget what they were by the time February comes round. Indeed, our promises to change seem to somehow remain the same year after year. So what are we doing wrong? And what can we […]

 Re- out with the old in with the new

Re- out with the old in with the new As regards yesterdays blog… which seemed for some, to be a problem?? I wrote about a problem I had had in the year of 2014 with pests and vermin, crows etc.. If however ,some of you saw any resemblance in the aforementioned subjects to themselves or […]

 Eddy’s page

this is the link for eddy’s page on FB should anyone wish to post anything in there..thanks to Kat for sorting it for me 🙂

 Funeral arrangements for our dear friend Eddy

for all of Eddy’s friends on senior chatters the funeral arrangements are May 23rd @ 1.30 pm at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Southbourne, Dorset. if anyone is close enough to attend they will be very welcome…if anyone would like to send flowers they can be sent to The Brian Wilton Funeral Home […]


I would just like to say that is anyone wishes to send a sympathy card as regards Eddy please can you PM me and i will give you his address as his sister is stayin at his house till things are sorted and will receive them there..also i will let you all know the funeral […]