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 Inky fingers being friends

Many of us on SC will have grown up with ink on our fingers from using dip pens or leaky fountain pens. Do you still have those old fountain pens hidden away in a draw or a box in the loft or garage. If you do look them out and consider are they worth anything. […]

 Consequences of being uninformed at election time

This blog is a follow on from Laurie’s blog about the US midterm election but with a UK twist. It’s about being informed about policies which have far reaching consequences rather than the negatives which we have become used to. In our coming election there will much talk about immigration the economy, the NHS and […]

 Siblings not easy to like

Recently Maize posted something on the Group Thoughts for the day about sisters. It got me thinking about my relationship with my siblings. I am the eldest of three one sister one brother. I have always got on well with my sister but my brother who is the youngest is another matter. Being the baby […]

 Medical Reseach

This my first attempt at a blog please forgive me if I sort of ramble on. I normally live on the lighter side of life posting short sayings on chocolate. While looking for sayings on my favourite subject, chocolate, I came across an article which I have reproduce below about a research project carried out […]