About papajeff

USMC, US Army Intel... Sought other venues for adventure. I hold Women upon a Pedestal, I hold My Lady Bonita upon a mountain. We have no choice about our starting point in Life; it is only later we learn that this journey is one that we wish to take knowing it will end badly! So, as an Irishman, I say " No matter how you spend yor time, yor time will too soon be spent. So you must spend yor time as tho u have no time... and maybe yor time will be time enuf!

Spring Ride

So Tired of Winter Snow, Roads are clear, nowhere to go. My Freedom Ride, My Bike Garaged. Roads are clear, lots are not. Waiting the moment I can finally go, Seeds my Lady wants, fingers in peat, Many holes in ground repeat. This for her, what for me? Spring nearly here, so tired of shoveling […]