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USMC, US Army Intel... Sought other venues for adventure. I hold Women upon a Pedestal, I hold My Lady Bonita upon a mountain. We have no choice about our starting point in Life; it is only later we learn that this journey is one that we wish to take knowing it will end badly! So, as an Irishman, I say " No matter how you spend yor time, yor time will too soon be spent. So you must spend yor time as tho u have no time... and maybe yor time will be time enuf!

 Spring Ride

So Tired of Winter Snow, Roads are clear, nowhere to go. My Freedom Ride, My Bike Garaged. Roads are clear, lots are not. Waiting the moment I can finally go, Seeds my Lady wants, fingers in peat, Many holes in ground repeat. This for her, what for me? Spring nearly here, so tired of shoveling […]

 Horses vs Horse, a recourse of Courting

Dad said I was to do this myself. So, after looking over many vehicles… too many; and I just wanted my Horse. Still, I was 14 and eager to prove myself against my friends in Shop Class. I decided on a hum-drum Ford. I could get it for $475 cash (in 1968). Now to make […]

 The Moment of Civilization

I have a riddle for any to solve. Your mettle challenged. Some clues here I imbibe, all Wars then from this innate thing which humans need. We so fear it, that we oblique say, Weather a subject then, first to lips to say Hello. Many TV live shows then. Presidents abide and Fall. We see […]

 A Certain Sense of Self

There is a certain sense of Self that lends itself to chat. For me a style that beggars questions about why I write what I do. Sure, I quote from Minds gone by, yet mostly paraphrase and add my own. I find comfort in knowing that others before my time have seen these times of […]

 Children Lost

This, a Poem by an unknown Author. Though I have edited a bit, his/her intention I keep. J S Brown — > Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38, > when 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven’s gate. > The smiles were contagious, and laughter filled the air, > Unconcerned, with Teachers there… > > […]

 The Fates

Between the stars, between the years, a Place unruled by thought, there exists a Web of silken thread, woven by the Fates. They be three and true they be, one weaves, one spins, the other destroyes it all.. Well, I finished this… now to publish.

 Healthy Steps Post 15

Just here to say that I’ve not quit walking. 9 Million steps in a yr and a half. Addicted to the steps now. Doctor said due to injuries, I must remove my ankle-weights for a few weeks. I didn’t like that much… but the sooner I get back to 100%, the sooner I get me […]

 Healthy Steps Post 14

…Sure and I did the Challenge… but there is the day to day. That is often more… Yes, I still walk an average of 20,000 Steps every day. In order to change the way you are, it is oft necessary to push your envelope. Do what is uncomfortable… make that habit. I’ll see you there!

 There is no place like Home

I’m a writer, enuf said. So the idea is to Post what is Happening in YOUR world. Both physical and Personal. So with that in Mind, I offer this… Storms came thru NE Indiana with a vengeance. Many without electric for a week or more. So, Families came together to help each other. Kids left […]

 Healthy Steps Post 13

Sure, and I have Challenges to help me make my Steps… but once you start Steppin’ Out, hard to quit. I enjoy a bit of extra work and wear 2.5 lbs per ankle in weights. The ones I like velcro around the ankle rather than strap. I have found these to be easier to adjust […]