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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE Lets keep the good cheer going thoughout the coming year the blogs have been great this few months take care and god bless and much love to you all.

 Office Toilet

Notice in our credit union office toilet OUR AIM IS TO KEEP THIS BATHROOM CLEAN So… if u sprinkle when you tinkle please be sweet and clean the seat GENTLEMEN Your aim will help if u stand closer its shorter than u think LADIES Please remain seated for the entire performance


While out enjoying a breakfast with my wife i happened to notice two sayings on the wall first one Life is short so eat Dessert first lol second one Theres hundreds of languages around the world but a smile says it all


Theres a miracle called “Friendship” that dwells within the heart. And you don’t know how it happens or where it gets it’s start …. But the happiness it brings you. Always gives a special lift. And you realise that ” Friendship” is god’s most precious gift!


UK’d greatest soccer manager ever only man to take 11 local men and lift euuropes top prize european cup no other manager in the world has ever did that in any competition Today marks the anniversary of the passing of Jock Stein, as it was on September 10, 1985 that the great man suffered a […]

 Ground Zero

Ladies and gents of USA I’d like to take this opportunity to remember the victims of 9/11 on this anniversary i found it totally amazing the half a dozen times i have visited there it was usually so eery and quiet, i have lost friends there as well and i still pray for the relatives […]


Sure ’tis a terrible thing when ye have to be away from those that r special to u and u r missing all the fun, the craic and the companionship. Sure I can tell ye there’s no better man than meself to let someone know that u r missing them and one look at me […]

 Last Legs

Begorra nobody told me it was going to be so this hard running the Marathon. As you can see I’m on last legs and theres still 10 more miles to go, and I thinkin I was fit as a fiddle from all that dancing and stuff that we Farrells get up to. Well I’ll take […]


Often working, Never shirking, To work, read and write, Gives much delight, In the evening light, Its hard to write, But its exciting to keep on writing, Sometimes typing, Dancing too, Is quite enhancing, And work gives pleasure, That I treasure, To work Rest and play, Then dance the night away, Makes for a wondrous […]