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 Does TV influence?

I have always denied that TV influences people , I grew up watching Tom and Jerry – the old none pc version, yet not once did I hit anyone over the head with a frying pan, I watched Columbo and never took up smoking cigars, I watched the Sound of Music and never became a […]

 Never Too Old

What does one do when ones sister asks you to go and see your Nephew perform at Creamfields (a 4 day music festival for House music where the oldest person there is probably 30) … You say Yes of course. So off we went tent in bag , neither of us ever having camped before – […]

 Did I Mishear?

In the kitchen at work tidying up after myself with one of the Architects chatting away in the kitchen – suddenly he says “Is your beard ginger?” My thoughts ranged from OMG did he just ask that ? to HOW RUDE! Stunned by his comment I slowly turned to give him a telling off only […]

 Dear Computer Programmers… Why?

I’ve been using technology for 30 years now and I have seen how with your skills and expertise IT programmes have evolved from the old Dos Commador c64 that took anywhere up to half an hour to load one simple game with crude graphics to the dawn of Windows 95 and Lynux right through to […]

 Act in haste repent at leisure…

Yesterday I went  to a funeral.  I was very emotional and something that happened between my husband and myself  made me so angry. Well that saying act in haste repent in leisure came into play when I had a ‘rant’ on here … OK what he did was wrong but I was wrong to vent […]

 Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day was never meant to be about industry making money , it is not about cards, flowers chocolates, meals, gifts,  grand gestures etc.. It is about celebrating our loved ones whoever they are and wherever they are , it is about remembering that love knows no bounds and can cross the greatest oceans and […]

 Dear Mr B

OK anyone having read my Dear Mr Taxman Blogs from January will know I laid all my cards on the table . I also put the posts on my Facebook page. Imagine my surprise when JB (my friends baby brother who I have known since he was new born) one of my Facebook friends WAS […]

 What’s Your Personality Type?

Today for a bit of fun I tried out a test for Myers personality type. I don’t usually  give these things much credibility but though I’d give it a try anyway. It came back that I am an INFP – Introversion-iNtuition-Feeling – Perceiving The feedback said : Idealistic, imaginative, and passionate, you have a strong […]

 Are we ever to old to play?

Ever since my kids and nephews grew up, I have found myself missing the excuse of playing in ball pools, going on see saws, swings, slides & roundabouts. When I was young a lot of the kids play areas/equipment didn’t exist. If ever I am passing a kids play area and no one is around […]

 Silent Witness

***warning may contain spoilers**** Silent Witness was a tense TV drama (I won’t bore you with the details).  During the series a woman was kidnapped and placed ‘underground’ in a coffin (Being claustrophobic I get an  anxiety attack just typing those words  *Deep Breaths*) Even with a panic attack I made a few observations that […]