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 Back to school!

I love back to school! Why? Because the neighborhood gets quieter! Lol. My grandson asks me to buy him the “coolest” back pack for school, and I’ll drop healthy snacks at their apartment for fun. Also, I love fall, with it’s lovely colors, and cooler temperatures. We always have an Indian summer, hot, but not […]

 Favorite Artists?

Matisse thrills me. I have a tiny picture from his Red period in my room. He’s bold and colorful, like a child’s book illustration, but so much more. I like to look at art books. Or, browse, or mural art on google. Water views, whether they be beaches, rivers or streams. Art with humor. […]

 What’s your favorite imaginary place?

I’m the family driver, but since I get lost easily, my excursions are limited. I have 5 brothers and sisters, and have always been dumbfounded by how easily they hop in a car and drive -to the beach, the mountains, or another state for vacation. I travel by train, bus, or once, by ferry. So, […]

 Jaws…duh dum…duh…dum

I watch Jaws a lot – every other day for several reasons: 1.I don’t have air conditioning, so I vicariously cool down by focusing on the ocean. I manage to ignore the shark pretty much. 2.It’s fun to watch Men At Work! They’re all such different characters, it’s nice to see good male acting. 3. I […]

 JK Rowling

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? How about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? My children were about 10 and 12 when the first harry came out. I was working at the library, and wondered at all these requests for this book, and ordered it myself… and fell in love. What I loved is these […]