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 How do you get your own way?

That sounds evil and conniving, doesn’t it, and somewhat Machiavellian.  Yet, aren’t there times when getting your own way is necessary, and has many positive benefits? My 9-year-old grandson spent the night.  With everyone else in the universe, on Friday nights, he’s lights out and in bed at 9 o’clock – voluntarily. When he’s here, […]

 The Importance of Play

As an ex-nursery school teacher, I’ve ready many books about learning, and implemented many methods. One of the most important ways to teach young children is by play. Hard subjects and new skills are more easily digested when cloaked in singing, dancing, and games. That’s a way to build their self-esteem. Did you know that […]

 What’s your goal this week?

Assuming you have one… (My goal is that I don’t let myself get so caught up in everything I want to do – that I forget to enjoy what I’m doing!) Of course, life has thrown me a curve ball, so now i’m sick in bed. It’s not really fair. I spent all last week […]

 Old Movies, Starring Who?

Have you ever talked about old movies, and someone younger doesn’t know the famous (albeit) older actor? My son-in-law, a nice guy in his 30’s, has a poster of James Dean on his wall. My daughter loves Audrey Hepburn.  One day, I was gushing about Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night”, and he said, […]

 Let’s talk blankets!

I love blankets. Seriously, it’s an obsession to the point where I have a closet dedicated to blankets! I can’t help it! Sometimes, you want a fleecy throw, or several thinner ones, or a decadently feathered hug, right? So, what’s your blanket style? And, if you share a bed with a companion, do you share […]

 What are we all doing?

It’s been so quiet lately. What’s everyone doing? Fall cleaning? Filling the pantry for the upcoming winter months when it’s too cold to venture outdoors? Falling asleep in front of the telly? lol. I like to do that now and then, especially movies. I’m very close to finishing my project, and am stress eating lots […]

 Old TV Shows I Like

Since we don’t have cable, I’ve discovered stations that play old TV shows. My favs are: 1. Match Game with Gene Rayburn 2. To Tell The Truth 3. the Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello (sp?) beach/surf movies 4. What’s My Line? 5.Love American Style Anyone else watch old favorites, or wish some old favorites would air?

 Okay, it’s a rainy day

. . . and if you could have a favorite meal or dessert delivered to your door, what would it be? I’d want salted caramel/ apple cheesecake from the CheeseCake Factory, and steak and mashed potatoes with double butter! I’d already have a pot of tea brewing, and a tot of Irish whiskey to pour […]

 I like to learn for fun. . . 

A degree is expensive and carries many expectations. I’ve slogged through downpours, paid babysitters, and nearly failed exams, all in my quest to complete my degree. I finally gave up the traditional methods, and discovered a freebie that suits me much better. Free online learning.  Ivy league American universities like Princeton and Yale offer courses […]