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 Rocky.. A Bear’s Story

This past weekend I had an experience I would like to share with all of you. I went to visit my boyfriend at his home in northern New Hampshire. This was my first visit to his home and the area was very rural, in fact, most of it is surrounded by mountains and state forest. […]

 Common Courtesy in Chat

I have something I need to get off my mind and speak my peace about. I was in Main Lobby last evening with several other chatters, just rambling on with different subjects when things took a more serious note and another chatter began sharing her life story with us. Now I know that most of […]

 Christmas List

Dear Friends, With the holiday season fast approaching I have decided to take a moment and put together my Christmas Wish list for a few of my Senior Chatter’s family. This is all in good fun, thought of in no special order and I hope you all see the humor in it and enjoy ! […]

 posting pics

Let me see if i have this correct……when in chat, you cannot post more than two pics without getting kicked ( happened to me yesterday, as i was feeling a bit rebellious) and pushed the envelope, so to speak, but in all fairness, i did wait a few minutes in between pics…… I do understand […]

 Last Stall on the Left

that last stall on the left down there, the one just on the end held a special someone, a dear and trusted friend from the great wild west she came, and a journey did begin adventures spread before us and laughter rode the wind that last stall on the left down there has a worn […]

 Chat Meet

Where?- Branson, Missouri, USA When?- 2014 Friday, September, 19th thru Sunday, September 21st Sorry to have to put this in blog again, I am hoping that Rob will give us a spot on the home page for posting updates I know this seems so far away, but it gives everyone who wants to go and […]

 Nonna (hummingbird story)

Since it is springtime, I would like to share my hummingbird story with you. I have always been a bird watcher, a love I got from my maternal grandmother, who we called Nonna. She and I would spend many hours looking at birds in her yard and finding them in her bird book. When she […]


I wrote this poem in memory of my sister in law, who was lost to cancer a few weeks ago, but I think it is how many of us feel when we lose someone and would like to share it… A light has winked out and left us behind it has gone on now, from […]

 Thanks To My Senior Chatter Friends

To all my Senior Chatter friends, At last, after four and one half years of endless doctor appointments, MRI’s, CT scans, blood work, and numerous other tests, I have an answer. I have been diagnosed with Myasthemia, which in simple terms, a muscle weakness caused by the interruption of signals from the brain to the […]