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 Hearsay (disambiguation)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hearsay is rumor or gossip. In law, hearsay means a testimony based on what a witness heard rather than what they witnessed personally. What do we “really know” when we read a “news” source, or hear a “news” broadcast? We only “know” that we read it or heard it. I […]


Are we happy? If life as it is now is satisfying would we want to change it in some way? If life is not satisfying to us, how should we change it? Is the change we may want possible for us to make a change?

 The Happiest People in the World?

In my opinion they are the Norwegians. I submit an 11 1/2 hour video as my evidence. Not only the speaking, featured participants of this video but the many thousands of people shown having a very happy time at a myriad of activities. This is a Netflix video and here is the description: “Drift along […]

 “Don’t Worry”

When someone says this, is it reassuring? Is worry now, more or less, likely to bother you? Naturally your trust in the person who says this is the key as to whether you should worry more, or relax. Have you had any experiences relating to this?