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I just feel like communicating with someone right now. I guess I’m feeling spontaneous at the moment! That seems to be a rare occurrence the older I get. Sometimes the days seem so scripted, you know. Not that many new experiences anymore. Everything can get to seem old hat. So I thought I’d step out […]

 My Dad

Today is Father’s Day. Time to think back on my relationship with my dad. He’ been gone about ten years now. When I was growing up, my dad was a pretty hardcore alcoholic Strangely it was only in the evenings and the full tilt on the weekends. Monday thru Friday, he never missed work. When […]


It was 1964 and my best friend Mary and I were 13 years old. We were about to have the most exciting adventure of our young lives. My older cousin Pat was going to drive us to the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh to see The Beatles live in concert. My heart was racing. We were […]


I went to a fair in a neighboring town with a friend the other day. He drove us there. Somehow we got separated in the crowd. At first I just wandered about, looking at the Various booths and the items for sale. But as time wore on and he didn’t make an appearance, I grew […]