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 Rare White Calf

Home News Vacaville cattle farmer welcomes twins, rare white calf Len Granger, 85, bottle-feeds “Gabe,” a two-week old calf, at his small farm off Midway Road in rural Vacaville. Gabe isn’t albino, but his cream-colored coat is a rare lack of color to spot among the Grangers’ herd of brown Herefords. Jessica Rogness — The […]

 Talking to the Quail

Each morning I am in the vegetable garden at 6 A M, as my dog, when I sleep, kicks my back and licks my face as he is a prompt geter-uper so I do not set the alarm clock. In the garden I water 144 summer and 144   winter squash and melons and tomatoes.  All […]

 My Only Poem

My Only Poem Was To Jenny as I am not a poet but a writer. Len You are a sweet melody to my ear, Yet so far way and seem so near, With wonders of the internet. I can now bring you right here. You are a dream to behold, Where dreams can let me […]

 Garden of Joy

I have a 1/2 acre garden that is fun to grow each year.  It has 144 hills of summer squash, 144 hills of winter squash,  watermelons and  tomatoes. We give 2 ton of vegs away to churches and friends in need. At 6AM in the morning it is cool outside and has been over 100 […]