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 origins of the word popular

“The word popular is from the Latin for people. Popular Writing is for the people and about people, and presents them in recognizable ways.” Debbie Macomber….. A quote from the illustrious American writer, Mark Twain, “The best of us would rather be popular than right.”

 Judge Judy

I am ignorant of what tv shows are aired in Europe and Australia,but here in the States there are a number of Court tv shows that are very popular. The one that stands out among the rest is JUDGE JUDY. A tiny woman in stature. A giant in the area of the law. So by […]

 Home sweet home

Hi ya’ll I decided to conversate about my humble roots. After the Battle of Culloden in the 45 my ol’ kin found greener pastures free from tyranny in the Cool Green Mountains of America. Now my Ma and Pa live off the land groeing greens in the plot and feasting on ‘coon an ‘possum stew.Moonshine […]

 Ode to Old Long Island

Recently on American TV we’ve been bombarded with Reality shows. JERSEY SHORE, GENE SIMMONS, and a various variety of remote American lifestyles such as SWAMP PEOPLE, HOG HUNTERS, and REDNECK HAND FISHING. All well and good if they portray the subjects correctly. Now they turn to Long Island NY with LONG ISLANG PSYCHIC and others. […]