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 Bad dialogue

It has not been unknown for me to chuck a book across a room when the dialogue is inferior.. From now when you feel the need to chuck a book make sure it’s not your kindle.


Okay, okay, okay, I stopped complaining about Lifetime Movies and followed your suggestions on reading a book. So there I was contented reading a sweet story until the Third Chapter.Then, BOW!! They shoot the dog!! Any other great suggestions?????????????


Last week I blogged on the predictability of Lifetime Movies. 1) There’s always a female named Kate, why does the dog always die and not the cat. And why do the characters always get the best parking? Now they’ve gone to far! This Sunday they killed the dog first. Can you guess it’s name? You […]


Ever notice in suspense movies the dog always gets killed and not the cat!!!! “Not for nuthin'” but I have wanted to shoot more cats then dogs a few times in my life!!!! OK Peta don’t get your panties in a bunch I rescue at least 10 cats a year. And I don’t own a […]


Due to poor programing on Sundays I’m forced to watch second class actors portraying psychopathic killer husbands and boyfriends trying to kill the female protagonist (always named Kate, Katie or Kathleen) . Or is it just me? After viewing them for a considerable amount of time sooner or later all my exes show up as […]

 Vengence is mine, sayeth the Catchup

To be a Diner waitress takes a considerable amount of patience, organizational skills, sense of humor, and stamina. For years it was the financial field of women. Women supporting single parent households was the majority. One day I was called upon to pull a triple shift starting at 5am and supposedly ending at 10pm. I […]

 A Fantastic Moment.

I stood bare breasted on the bowsprit of a thirty six foot sailboat flying threw the waves of the emerald green waters of the Gulf Of Mexico. The Captain was shocked, and I nearly died of sunburn. But the Dolphins were dazzled. (paraphrase Kate Hepburn)


An exert from the writings of Stephan Colbert: “The Real Question is : are America’s best days behind us?” Of course they are, and always have been. We have the greatest history of History. But never forget, our best days are also ahead of us, and always will be. Because America also has the Greatest […]