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Please producer’s we of a certain age can’t read the smaller size Subtitles. I tried watching INGLORIOUS BASTARDS three times but couldn’t read lips. Another thing if you directors think we can see what’s actually happening when you film in the dark you must be nuts. Too many movies have been filmed in the dark […]


When the cemetery at Gettysburg was ready to be consecrated the people of the town invited a renowned orator named Edward Everett to give the first speech. He did, taking two hours. The audience was dead on their feet and wanted to leave until President Lincoln was announced. Slowly and with bent back Lincoln gazed […]

 Weekend TV

Having developed an allergy to LIFETIME MOVIES with the Kate, kill the dog, and the final faked death fight scene at the conclusion, I felt it time for a change. Wella!!!! THE MURDER MYSTERY CHANNEL (true accounts) First episode, DATES FROM HELL. Shocked question? “Who are these people, and how did they get their hands […]

 Mom used to say

My mom was not one for great wisdom but she was right when it came to certain things. To me the most relevant was “Sharon people will always judge you by the friends you keep.” Chalk one up for Mom.