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 Why are most private messaging?

Once again I write about the dilemma of the “private message” room , Some joined as I did to a Chat site to Chat with other like minded people from around the world, I find that most nowadays enjoy private messaging only, that is everyone’s perogitive of course, I don’t have any negativity about that […]

 What has gone wrong?

What has gone wrong? the saddest blogs today that I have read in a long time, one of our Chatters was abused as I gather and she is , I won,t say was , becasue i am hoping she just takes a break and does not leave , and the other wonderful lass , we […]

 what of messages?

What do you think of guys overseas who leave messages on your facebook site? A friendly warning ….They want to be friends, when you check them out as one should do before acceptance you find out they have used several names before as you scroll down there profiles.. Married , children , younger or older […]

 Queen Elizabeth the second…..

Her Royal Majesties last visit to Australia, she probably wont be able to visit us again , while she was here she saw the seaside , she went for a ride in a Melbourne tram , which was decorated to suit her highness, here within is a picture… To our mind she is a wonderful […]

 Undertsanding others..

About 8 weeks ago, I had new Eye Surgery , an innovative proceedure that is not often undertaken becasue of the risk, however to see properly again i undertook this proceedure… My typing has been atrocious in that time partly becasue my left eye has been covered and my right eye has been having new […]

 changes to lobby

this blog is about the recent changes to our lobby chat,I have no objection to change , it is often a good thing in many ways ,but the change in the senior chatters lobby chat if they are permanent, are not so good … A few items about the new chat site i would like […]

 Cyber bullying and counteraction…

I would apreciate the feedback of a discussion about Cyber bullying, it doesnt happen only to Youth, it is also happenin g to Adults, in such places as Facebook and other online sites… Usually Facebook has rules about these events but are slow to follow through at times . In some American states its very […]

 Nice to be back in a safe environment.

Hi guys, Nice to be back among my friends again, had a good rest, which I badly needed … I feel much safer on this site, too many dreadlies on f/b ha ha ha . Feeling much better now , i will refriend requests as soon as possible . I hope you are all well […]