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 Notice to all my friends and Chatters

I am taking some time for myself at the minute,  i will be  in the music rooms when the music is on and doing my groups  as usual ,  i will be unavailable for Skype , private message and private chat , for a time unfortunately , i am undergoing scans etc . and need […]

 Happy Easter

To all our Chatter Friends, A very Happy Easter… It is Good Friday here today , time to reflect upon the sacrifice that was made for us … Easter gives us chance to realize how fortunate we are in our lives, whether Christian or of other beliefs , nothing that besets us cannot be overcome […]

 trivia quiz

Pam from tx… invites all members to her trivia quiz, it’s interesting , humerous and the questions are about each country on different days.. come in enjoy and have fun , test your knowledge in a timed quiz …. everyone is made welcome ….. As numbers have declined a little , this is a drive […]


It’s that time of festivities once again,Christmas day, a special day where, If you are similar to me , you take stock of the year that is passing and the New year to come… I wish you all a very merry Christmas, to all my chatter friends,newbies, and those i am just getting to know […]

 Domestic violence

In Australia at the minute there is finally a whole lot being done, Schools and sporting clubs are going to be taught to respect women, It starts when the youth are young . In this country in the past couple of years we have not only had partners and wives assaulted in their homes but […]

 internet problems

Once again my internet server is down, our main telco elstra is in a state of disrepair, they sent me a new gateway, this too refused to connect, they tried for 3 hours at tech support, they have now decided to send out to me another tech suppot person , to try and locate the […]

 Climate change

Do you believe in Climate change as the scientists claim? I do ,because I have seen some very strange weather patterns over the last few years , from droughts that lasted 7 years to pouring rains that flooded and wiped some of our small towns off the map … we have had floods and droughts […]

 puter crashed

Sorry I cannott attend chatters for awhile, my laptop has crashed , the small tablet has adifferent I.s.p. no… and I believe it can upset the security here in my name if anyone needs to contact me urgently, please e. Mail me at (email address removed) thank you lani. As soon as my puter is repaired […]