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 Not as seen on TV

(This is story 2 in my Joplin, Missouri tornado blogs. I want each story to be able to stand alone, whether or not you read my introduction or previous stories. If you didn’t see them, the tornado happened on May 22, 2011. Joplin has been my home town for many years. This one was originally […]

 Why is Dad Naked?

This is my first Joplin tornado story… mostly unedited from when I posted on another site in the weeks following the F5 that devastated our town on May 22, 2011. I posted pics in my profile album. KayBee I will use false names for our friends’ to protect their privacy. I think you’ll see why […]

 Joplin Tornado Stories

Hi SC friends, I am from Joplin, Missouri. It has been my hometown for over 30 years. Many of you probably remember the news from May 22, 2011. Much of Joplin was devastated by an F-5 tornado that evening. It flattened a six mile long, one mile width path, which was a curved one. One […]

 I can translate that! (A short popsicle story)

(I wrote and posted this to another site in 2011. I thought I’d share with you all, since it’s now officially summer….:) ) “Hi nay-buh, ow tuns aw tuck thoo thuh pah-i-uhl!” Okay, you can translate it too. Stick your tongue out, and say (out loud) “Hi neighbor, our tongues are stuck to the popsicles!” […]

 Think before you Gawk or Speak

This was a recent facebook status update by a friend of mine. I have known him and his wife a long time. I have been with them when people have said rude things to him. Adults who certainly should know better. I think it is so well-expressed, and gives good food for thought. He gave […]

 Crow Mystery Solved

(This is not mine, I received it in an email yesterday) Researchers for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) found over 200 dead crows near greater Boston recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A Bird Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone’s relief, confirmed the […]

 Really! I didn’t know!

I posted this in the group “My Most Embarrassing Moment”. Ahh, I have many…. I’d like to share with you about getting Steve Martin’s stand-up comedy album for Christmas. I was 16 or 17. I’d been hearing jokes, and parts of stories from his “Wild and Crazy Guy” album on the radio for a while. […]

 Reflections on Growing Up Female

Confession: when I was about eleven, I wanted to look like Cher. Yes, indeed. Chubby, fair skinned, freckled, and copper-haired, I longed to look like Cher. She was the most gorgeous woman I knew of at the time! Now I am good with my average build, average height, and curves. I am more okay with […]

 Aspiring Writer

Hi all, I posted this to The Writing Group and wanted to share it here, too. Hello Writers and Poets! I joined this site in February. I was looking for alternatives in social networking, also wanted to interact with people close to my age for just friendship. I really found it to be an added […]

 Father’s Day Thoughts from the Heart

First and very importantly, I wish a wonderful Father’s Day to all of you dads,grandads and great granddads! I have seen, at least through your friendship here, what strong, wise and caring men so many of you are. Your children are greatly blessed to have you. You are lots of FUN too, that’s important! Father’s […]