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 High School Crush

I saw something on a tv sitcom today that reminded me of a personal experience. When I was a 15 year old high school sophomore, I had a big crush on a boy (same age) who was in Choir with me. Actually, I had liked him since we were both in 8th grade. He was […]

 The Man in the Gown

So, here it is 11:35 pm. It’s been a long, emotional day at the hospital. They admitted my sweet mother-in-law at about 10 a.m., and now I am finally unwinding… So, let me share a lighter moment that made me laugh today. I had been waiting, waiting, waiting to talk to the doctor. It was […]

 A Man Dining Alone

This is an email joke I received a long time ago. I though I’d add to the fun by sharing a favorite funny story with you all. Author unknown. Oh, it’s just a coincidence that the female character happens to be a redhead. 🙂 A Man Dining Alone A man was dining alone in a […]

 Let Go (author unknown)

I want to share something that I received at a class/support group I attended this Spring. I’ve been dealing with highly stressful and sad family situations for a long time, and this class provided much insight. I will always be thankful that I attended it and for the people I met there. This is one […]

 The Mama Bear in Me

A recent blog by Waylander and its comments triggered a memory I want to share. Several years ago, my daughter and I were out together and we stopped to get gas. She got out to pump the gas while waited in the car. I saw a man pull up in a car, straight across from […]

 Mysterious, Scary or Just Fun?

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico. I lived there until age 17. Many people who read my first sentence, will immediately think of the famous Roswell UFO incident. Especially if they are from the US and over age 40. Many times during my life, when people learned where I grew up, they commented about […]

 Sweet Food for Thought

Something happened last week that really made me stop and think. I want to share it with you. I was having a lunch time conversation with my 89 year old mother-in-law. She was a child in Kansas during the Depression. She was from a poor family and had four siblings. Mom has health problems now […]

 More Women, More Chatter?

Has anyone else noticed that on the Sign Up/Log-In page of this site, the photo shows twice as many women as men? I haven’t counted the number of males versus females here, so I am not sure that the photo portrays the situation accurately. I also wondered if that picture has any correlation to the […]

 Feel the Power!

(I have had a couple of reminders of high school days recently. I wrote the following story in 2011 and want to share it with my friends here.) This summer has been the 30th high school reunion for my class. (I was unable to attend.) Of course, reunion time brings back memories! I want to […]

 Odd Inherited Trait

Here is another story from my “real- life-is-stranger-and-funnier-than-fiction” file. One beautiful Spring morning, many years ago, my girlfriend Janice called, and asked if I would like to bring the kids and meet her at the park. I had a lot to do, but it was a very lovely morning, so I agreed. I also felt […]