Chat Room!

I’m again having trouble getting into the main chat room. The space where I should be able to type my messages isn’t working, and there is a small box called “whisper” which doesn’t send anything either. I’m not sure why this has been happening. Last time it took about two weeks to resolve this problem.


There is a monitor in the chat rooms who has been very insensitive, nasty, and disrespectful toward me whenever he and I are in the room together. His screen name is Whippet. I know many of you will not agree with me, and that’s fine. After the last time he acted this way, I went […]

Chat Room

I have been a SC member for more than three years. I recently returned to the chat room after not being on for over a year. Today there was a conversation going on. A member, who was from South Africa, had “USA” on her profile, and someone wanted to know why. I suggested that maybe […]