Why and when did packaging become an olympic event?  It takes herculean efforts to open a package of cotton balls.  I have battle wounds and scars as I sit here a week after I’ve moved into my new apartment.  All due to attempting to open items I bought. Between a box cutter and heavy duty […]

Count Down

Here it is 6:30 am on April 25.  Up for too long already.  I guess going to see my attorney this morning is weighing on my already overloaded mind.  And here I am again to vent and hopefully release some frustrations, confusion, anger…. The last two weeks I had two mediations for a total of […]


I’ve always tried to be kind.  I’ve not always been successful.  I taught my children to be kind.  They’ve not always been successful.  Put yourself if another’s shoes I’d say.  Don’t judge.  You never know what someone is going through, has been through.  Give the benefit of the doubt. Starting out with this divorce we […]