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 Awesome Music Post

Please excuse this music post in the blog vs the Music Group. When @Fwen sent it to me, I wanted to share with all chatters. A rare music talent, from a very young artist. She is magnificent. She is Jackie Evancho & Canadian Tenors, in case the link doesnt work.

 Priceless Happiness

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.” -Anne Frank This quote stopped me dead in my tracks; wow; if Anne felt her life was different yet the same as others, then mine is surely cause for great happiness! Name the one priceless thing, that […]

 Me Myself & I

MsVal and I have started a new group – Me Myself & I. It is a group for and about only children. We are excited about it – as your guessed, both Val and I are an “only.” Please come and check us out, and consider joining.

 Coming Home…

When my son went to college almost 20 years ago, he never returned to living near me. At first it was only a little over an hour’s drive, that lasted 3 years. He then moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Round Rock, Texas – a 3 to 4 hour plane ride away. Every year he comes […]

 Why does this happen?

Why cant I sleep when I can? And want to sleep when I cant? It’s maddening! I have never had sleep issues – not insomnia anyways. Think I have been the opposite, maybe sleep too much. Is this part of senior sunsetting? Is it part of menopause? No wonder woman have been known to kill […]

 Latest Upgrade

I hope that people are not going to jump ship because Rob added another chatroom. Does everybody like everything on SC? Doubt it! Not every group is my cup of tea. But there are some groups I truly love. Some people love pictures – to post and/or look at. I wish I was as sauve […]

 Just Sayin’!!!

I need to have a blood draw tomorrow for a protime. When a hospital gets so big, they are absorbed into a conglomerate that you cannot find the telephone number online, God forbid you are old fashioned and check the paper telephone book from when the dinosaur’s walked the earth, you call the main number […]