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 Apple TreeYard

We are now treated to  New TV Drama, ‘Apple Tree Yard’ a four part adaptation of the Book.  Thriller, about sex, death, and broom cupboards.  The audio is poor as there is a lot of mumbling. Why do mature successful Actors and Actresses feel compelled to disrobe in Dramas and Films? Is that to give […]

 Enter the Dragon

Donald Trump, President of USA has started off with good intentions America first. Very patriotic. Perhaps he has forgotten it was the immigrants that made America rich with their hard work and expertise. He has put forward his idea that he wants to put a Tariff of 45% on all Chinese imports. This could backfire […]

 The Demise of the Corner Shop.

Are there any Corner Shops left? There still a few in the Villages ,but the rest have been put out of business by the big Supermarket Chains Years go there was one on every Street and they were a hive of industry and locals used to shop daily, so the food was always fresh. It […]

 The Age of Innocence

Where has the Age of Innocence gone? Many young children of school age now have I pads and Moblies And.. They can use them better than some adults too They lose interest in Childrens games and Dollies and Train They prefer Computer games instead. Also tiny children with angel faces walk about swearing, obviously copying […]

 Dementia in the UK

There are 850,000 people in the UK suffering from Dementia The majority is looked after by unpaid carers who save the Government £11,Billion per annum Some do get carers allowance and other allowances, but this means tested. It should be at least the minimum wage . Many family members have given up well paid jobs […]