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 A face At The Window

I believe this story to be true – it was told to me many years ago by my Grandparents who lived in Brightlingsea Essex. Grandfather Willis Cooke was a master mariner (a non drinker) and I would suspect not favouring imagination. My Grandmother had a sister Blanche living in America – when sitting at the […]

 Sense of Humour – Where has it gone

For as long as can remember, the English Sense of Humour was supposedly the best. Few will dispute that one of the finest examples of this was the Television series DAD’S ARMY which gave pleasure to millions however many times they have seen the TV series. I was ecstatic at the release of the current […]

 Is He Serious?

The Television set in our lounge seems to be set mainly to CNN – mainly because our TV in New Zealand seems almost oblivious of the election prelims going on in the USA. Of particular interest I have to admit are the antics of Donald Trump. I have three questions 1. Is he for real? […]

 He had a great Life!

In 1917 a child was born in Brightlingsea Essex- he was a sickly child who amongst other ailments suffered from Rueumatoid Arthritis. He was destined never to go to school-whatever learning he obtained was self taught at home. When he was 7 years old his parents tried to take out an annuity through the local […]

 What Price Friendship

Having been a member of chatters for a couple of weeks I have seen various comments both pro and anti new friendships.It is my opinion for what it is worth that all members would benefit from what I would call a friendship drive, for many of us enjoy meeting new Chatters from wherever they come. […]

 It All Began With A Drum

It was 7th March 1936 – My 7th Birthday, and my parents bought be a drum, – A Bass Drum! Little did I realize then that a drum (of some sort) would influence my life. Of course at the age of 7 I couldn’t do much, but I certainly taught myself to play the drum […]

 Thoughts on Wartime Accumalators

Darkfarmowl in a recent blog referred to accumulators that were used in Radios pre 1939 era. I recall quite plainly being sent to the local cycle shop where the owner had a special transformer to charge said accumulators – which would after being charged usually last a week-or so, depending on the amount of use […]

 It All Began With A Drum (Preface)

I wonder how many of us can point to something that happened way back in childhood and then went on to influence your whole life. There must be many of you who say something like “little did I know then how things would turn out” Maybe this question might set your own minds working, for […]

 Pity the Referee

I write this with a deal of pity for the soccer referees who it seems are constantly blamed by players and fans for everything that they don’t approve of that happens on the field – the most common comments is that the referee is to blame for this or that. Just a thought though – […]