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 Thoughts on Great Britain

A recent blog from vonMichael gave me cause to consider his thoughts on whether or not Britain would retain the traditional name of Great Britain – My mind went back to the World War Two years when with constant threats of enemy attack by Land Sea and Air, the country held firm withstanding heavy bombardment […]

 Too Much Information

I have been thinking about this blog for days, for I know thatI will probably upset a number of people. Do we really want to know all about each others health problems. Surely the purpose of a blog is not only to provide information on personal illness, but to entertain in various ways as well […]

 I Love a Bargain

As I may have mentioned before, most of my working life and indeed leisure time has involved me working with Brass and Military Bands – If you ever read my first Blog It All Began With A Drum you’ll get the picture. Nowadays my musical involvement is limited to my CD Player and Oh the […]

 The World Is A Mess

I’ve been thinking – is there actually either any English speaking or European country that isn’t facing major problems of some sort. Although it must be said that the majority are racial or a threat of invasion by the thousands of refugees seeking a new home, even though the possible host countries cannot really take […]

 My view of the World.

I have just spent more than half an hour writing a blog – and just when ready to finish – the page disappeared. I thus this was accidental – but it has certainly put me off further literary efforts. May be someone thought it controversial – which it certainly wasn’t, but I ask myself why […]

 An Uneventful Morning

It is now 10.35am and I am pleased to say that it has been a bright sunny morning(just a slight breeze) and I have managed to walk round the village(and this is no mean achievement for me. So far in this uneventful morning we have experienced four earthquakes – storm force winds are promised later, […]

 Alas She is Gone

I thought she would last forever – my sister that is, but we learned over the week-end that at 90 years of age, she had passed away. She survived Cancer twice – Her first husband was murdered in 1945 and having both breasts removed at different times – she smoked ever since childhood, but even […]


It is my belief that all of us, do in fact suffer from depression in one form or another – certainly not all the time but we all have our off days – don’t we? It’s probably true too, that the older we get the worse we are effected. Of course the doctor can be […]