ive been accused of being disrepectfull for telling someone to go kill themselfs if I told you to go knock yourself out or break a leg  you would proberbly understand me and you would not carry out those acts in the language of youth something that is sick or lit means it is good to […]


I seemed to have hit a nerve with requards faithfullness maybe those who answered are justifying to themselves  and not me for I never said a chatsite was being unfaithfull I simply asked the question it was the women themselfs that I asked provided the answers it seems to me those who use a chat […]


an intresting statement was made last night by a member that she was faithfull to her partner I surveyed 20 women today young and old married and single at work do they consider going on a chatsite where they are going to be admired by men putting it politely faithfull not one said they considered […]


it makes me laugh when people say they don’t eat fast food but like old fashioned cooking my nan milked the cow to get the milk  skimmed the milk to get the cream churred the milk to pat the butter would feed the chickens to get the eggs would kill and pluck the chicken for […]


I walk to work in the early morn and I feel like snow white the birds sing their song the cows moo a melody a dog barks his tune cats stalk the pathways squirrels skip the branches   the wind blows a chorus the trees rustle their symbols and the light dances with shadows the […]


the deserved give when they have nothing the deserved ask only for others the deserved answer without question the deserved right a wrong the deserved give away what they recieve the deserved take only from themselfs I am allways shamed and humbled when those who have less than me give to me their time their […]


to expect the unexpected do not punish trust if a carpender strikes a nail and it bends does he lose faith in all nails we are required to trust even if we get reminded of mistrust deal with mistrust through strengh affirm the good in man with trust be prepared for mistrust but encourage the […]