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 In a quandrey

The other day on TV news a cake shop in Ireland was sued because they would not make a cake with some gay sentiment on it. They were Christians and said it was against their beliefs. They lost the case because of sexual discrimination. Now I think the cake shop should counter sue for religious […]

 A big thankyou

I’m back on site, thanks to a wonderful person called McCathy (hope I spelled it right). She has given me a year of her life and I would like to thank her very much. Also for any who arn’t happy about me being back, you know who to blame. I’ve been so poor recently I […]

 A Christmas message

It’s Christmas Eve! I have a few bits to do and then I’m being taken out to lunch by one of my best friends. Afore I go I would like to wish all the people on SC a very merry Christmas. I know some of you don’t celebrate or are alone and don’t have anyone […]


Hi folks! Me again. I just wanted to tell you all what i’ve learned in the last few days. Firstly I would like to tell you a bit about me. Don’t nod off. When I was able to workI worked very hard. Unsocial hours, other peoples shifts so they could go out etc. Also my […]


Not sure how to start this blog except to say I have ( or someone else has with me) a problem. I attended the quiz tonight as I always do on Mondays. Its always been a laugh and insightful. But tonight it was inconsistent to put it mildly. For anybody who doesn’t do the quiz. […]

 No blogs

Its been three days since anyone blogged. Does no-one like the new blog site? I didn’t but as its all there is now it has to be used. I know the last blog was very sad. How can starlette do this to us. She is loved so much. But we must go forward. Everyday I […]

 A workers prayer

Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, The courage to change the things i cannot accept and the wisdom to hide the bodies off those people i had to kill today, because they pi***d me off. And also help me to be careful of the toes i step on today, as […]

 Unknown Grandma

My father was born in 1896, even he didn’t know that when he married my mum. I sent for his birth certificate. It came today. I was so excited when i opened it but, after reading it i felt sad. The reason being. His mother registered the birth and where her signature should be there […]