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 What motivates you?

Peggy Payne, at age 62, is “still stewing” over not being chosen to spend the summer studying at the Governor’s School of North Carolina–in 1965. However, Ms. Payne credits this early rejection with helping her successful writing career. Have you ever had a disappointment or setback that fueled later success? How common do you think […]

 just thoughts

Ive just come back off holiday and Im back to work tomorrow. I struggle to relax, it starts with waking up too early and my patience wearing thin. They say being sociable helps with stress. I think they’re right. Ive already enjoyed reading the blogs..they made me laugh and the feel of the site seems […]

 Justice denied or mercy triumphs

Is this an outrageous slap in the face of justice? The right message is to give this murderer 5 years imprisonment or it might appear to lack mercy to do otherwise. Personally I think the judge should be prosecuted for this outrageous ruling. What a joke. Celebrity exemption once again in action. “In her sentencing, […]

 People in there senior ages

I can’t understand quite how seniors are become so nasty and mean when they are in a chat room ,is it becasue of an unfulfilled life they have had so Far? or is it they are bitter becasue htey tied to some one the are taken care off? in any other event it makes no […]

 Away From Narcissism = the end

Thank you all that have encouraged and supported me. Time to shut this blog down. Too long and too risky. Will be back with something new, much shorter and more interesting very soon. Cannot afford to have my ramblings compromised. I will tell you it has a very happy ending. It has been a journey […]

 Away From Narcissism

Thirty some short years ago things all started. I went for a job interview at a law firm. I can still remember the whole scenario. It is like it happened a week ago. I met with the managing partner and took an instant dislike to him. Why, I cannot say. I was under the impression […]

 Away From Narcissim

Let’s get together or vent about our ex narcissist or “should be” ex. Have you been scorned, degraded, abused and totally annihilated by a narc? If so share your experience here. I will start blogging on this topic tomorrow. Before I start I would like to know if anyone out there is interested? I have […]

 Just a little something.

Considered mentally negligible by those who know me well, yet a dangerous intellectual by those with just a passing acquaintance my life may have lacked, perhaps, the sublimer emotions which raised man to the level of the gods but it was undeniably an extremely happy one. I had never experienced the thrill of ambition fulfilled, […]