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 Christmas alternative?

Some people who feel that Christmas is too commercial donate their Christmas present money to charity and, instead of sending presents, send their friends a card telling them how much has been donated to charity on their behalf. What do you think of this idea? How would you feel if you received such a card?

 How Do You Archive Your Life?

Handwritten notebook entries, scrapbook pages, running lists in a computer file, hard drives full of pictures — all are ways to record, remember and even tally your experiences. Do you have a system of archiving your life? Why do you think people keep track of things and places, and hold on to objects like ticket […]

 What teacher did you appreciate?

Who was the most important teacher for you? What did he or she teach you, and how did he or she do that to make it so memorable? How important do you think teachers are? I have always felt teachers are underappreciated considering the lifelong impact they can have on young lives. I know a […]

 When have you ever failed at something?

When have you ever failed at something that was important to you, whether in school, at home,work, with your friends or anywhere else? How did you react to that failure? Did anything positive come out of it? What? …true leaders understand the importance of making mistakes and learning from them. In a legendary graduation speech […]

 When Do You Become an Adult?

There is an array of opinions as to when a person fully matures. Should the legal age of adulthood be lowered or raised? At what age do you think you are grown? Neuroscientists now know that brain maturation continues far later into development than had been believed previously. Significant changes in brain anatomy and activity […]

 Are We Losing the Art of Listening?

Listening, like other skills, can be developed through practice, or lost if not used regularly. Good listeners focus on what they are hearing. They pause to think about what they’ve heard before responding. They ask questions because they want to know the answers, not just to keep the conversation going. Do you often find yourself […]

 Ms. Earth WSK

My granddaughter, RANIA ANDRADA, joined the Ms. Earth Wise Kids School contest. The more LIKES in Facebook the more chances of winning the people’s choice award. Please vote for RANIA by liking her: 1). picture; and 2). school fun page (wise kids school) —so that your vote will be counted. Below are the links: 1. […]

 Do You Have Good Manners?

Some lament the decline of civility in the southern United States, a region where manners were once considered an important cultural marker. How would you define “good manners”? Do you agree with those who say that civility in general is declining everywhere? Do you think you have good manners yourself?

 What’s your comfort food?

Everyone has some food that speaks to them, conveying security, exultation and fullness of spirit (pun definitely intended). Many giants of gastronomy actually yearn for relatively simple fare when they escape their kitchens and eat out. What is your comfort food? Do you prefer food that’s simple, or elaborate?

 What’s Cluttering Up Your Life?

Clutter, which could be defined as almost anything that takes up too much physical or mental space, has a way of creeping into our lives and impeding them. With each new acquisition we lose a bit more space, a bit more breathing room, and a bit more freedom. What clutters up your life, and what […]