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You meet someone on a given day for the first time, but like him immensely, for no discernible reason whatsoever, as if you have met an old school- pal, while someone else you happen to meet on the very next day ,apparently with a better grooming, with more attractive looks, with more chiseled features ,more […]


The steps, which bring the devout And the sinners alike to your door steps, Remain covered with the snow in winter- And sweat under the scorching sun in summer! When your devotees are heating themselves, Near a fire- place. Or relaxing in cooled down summer in solace! It is only the steps Which never leave […]

 The Invisible Ingredients of a well- made dish

If you thought, I was hinting at the secret formula that a Chef does not share except with his family; your guess was wrong. Yes! While viewing a program on the Indian TV by a celebrity Chef like Sanjeev Kapoor, your mother may have quipped, “Well, that’s how exactly I cooked the Choley Bhature, (chic […]