About eighteen years ago, I lived on a small farm. There were no cows or horses to tend, but there was a dog. The dog was a mixed breed named Bodie. Bodie consisted of: the square head and the gentleness of a Labrador Retriever, the black specks from a Catahoula Leopard (colloquially known as a […]


Janice draws a smiley face in the condensation that has fogged the cold window from her breath as the coffee steams on the small kitchen table. One eye of the smiley face has gathered up into a small tear and trickles downward cutting a small wet path through the smile. Janice huffs a sigh, as […]

Dear Angel

Dear angel at the top of the tree, That holds the world in the form of a candle Witness my prayer, please That your candle never goes dim or dark Giving light to seasonal glitter That shimmers in tender eyes With Christmas tinsel of green, red, and gold Reflecting the sparkling stars of the night […]